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1201115-Deoxy- 12,14-Prostaglandin-J2 and Ciglitazone Inhibit Tnf- -Induced Matrix Metalloproteinase 13 Production Via the Antagonism of Nf- B Activation in Human Synovial FibroblastsLIN, TZU-HUNG; TANG, CHIH-HSIN; WU, KARL; FONG, YI-CHIN; YANG, RONG-SEN; FU, WEN-MEIJOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY 
2201115-deoxy-Δ<sup>12,14</sup>-prostaglandin-J2 and ciglitazone inhibit TNF-α-induced matrix metalloproteinase 13 production via the antagonism of NF-κB activation in human synovial fibroblastsWEN-MEI FU; RONG-SEN YANGJournal of Cellular Physiology 
32012A forward loop between glioma and microglia: Glioma-derived extracellular matrix-activated microglia secrete IL-18 to enhance the migration of glioma cellsWEN-MEI FUJournal of Cellular Physiology 
42007Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Stimulates Fibronectin Expression through Phospholipase C Alpha, Protein Kinase C Alpha, C-Src, Nf-Kappa B, and P300 Pathway in OsteoblastsTANG, CHIH-HSIN; YANG, RONG-SEN; CHEN, YUH-FUNG; FU, WEN-MEIJOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY 
52007Basic fibroblast growth factor stimulates fibronectin expression through phospholipase C γ, protein kinase C α, c-Src, NF-κB, and p300 pathway in osteoblastsWEN-MEI FU; RONG-SEN YANGJournal of Cellular Physiology 
62012CREB coactivator CRTC2/TORC2 and its regulator calcineurin crucially mediate follicle-stimulating hormone and transforming growth factor β1 upregulation of steroidogenesisFang, W.-L.; Lee, M.-T.; Wu, L.-S.; Chen, Y.-J.; Mason, J.; Ke, F.-C.; Hwang, J.-J.; LEANG-SHIN WU Journal of Cellular Physiology 
72002Enhanced Activity of Ca2+-Activated K+ Channels by 1 2-Hydroxy-3-Propyl-4 - (1h-Tetrazol-5-Yl) Butoxyl Phenyl Ethanone (Ly-171883) in Neuroendocrine and Neuroblastoma Cell LinesLIANG, JIN-TUNGJOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY 
82013Enhancement of placenta growth factor expression by oncostatin M in human rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblastsWEN-MEI FU; RONG-SEN YANGJournal of Cellular Physiology 
92007Ganoderma Lucidum Polysaccharides Enhance CD14 Endocytosis of LPS and Promote TLR4 Signal Transduction of Cytokine ExpressionHua, Kuo-Feng; Hsu, Hsien-Yeh; Chao, Louis Kuoping; Chen, Shui-Tein; Yang, Wen-Bin; Hsu, Jason; Wong, Chi-HueyJournal of Cellular Physiology 
102014Gating of the Kir2.1 Channel at the Bundle Crossing Region by Intracellular Spermine and Other CationsHuang, Chiung-Wei; Chung-Chin Kuo; Kuo, Chung-ChinJournal of Cellular Physiology 
112011HMGB-1 induces IL-6 production in human synovial fibroblasts through c-Src, Akt and NF-κB pathwaysChun-Han HouJournal of Cellular Physiology 
122011Honokiol Inhibits LPS-Induced Maturation and Inflammatory Response of Human Monocyte-Derived Dendritic CellsLi, Chia-Yang; Chao, Louis Kuoping; Wang, Shu-Chi; Chang, Hon-Zu; Tsai, Min-Lung; Fang, Shih-Hua; Liao, Pei-Chun; Ho, Chen-Lung; Chen, Shui-Tein; Cheng, Wei-Chung ; Chiang, Chi-Shiun; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Hua, Kuo-Feng; Hsu, Ian C.Journal of Cellular Physiology 
132009Hypoxia-induced matrix metalloproteinase-13 expression in astrocytes enhances permeability of brain endothelial cellsWEN-MEI FU; WEI-HSUAN YUJournal of Cellular Physiology 
142007Involvement of NO/cGMP signaling in the apoptotic and anti-angiogenic effects of β-lapachone on endothelial cells in vitroCHUNG-LIANG CHIEN; HSIU-NI KUNGJournal of Cellular Physiology 
152009Osteopontin increases migration and MMP-9 up-regulation via αvβ3 integrin, FAK, ERK, and NF-κB-dependent pathway in human chondrosarcoma cellsSHING-HWA LIU Journal of Cellular Physiology 
161999Peroxisome Proliferation, Adipocyte Determination and Differentiation of C3h10t1/2 Fibroblast Cells Induced by Humic Acid: Induction of Ppar in Diverse CellsLee, Yashang; Huang, Tien-Shang; Yang, Mei-Ling; Huang, Lan-Ru; Chen, Ching-Hsein; Lu, Fung-Jou; 陳健弘JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY 
171999Peroxisome proliferation, adipocyte determination and differentiation of C3H10T1/2 fibroblast cells induced by humic acid: Induction of PPAR in diverse cellsTIEN-SHANG HUANGJournal of Cellular Physiology 
182011Potential Role of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Transforming Growth Factor (TGF beta 1) in the Regulation of Ovarian AngiogenesisKuo, Shih-Wei; Ke, Ferng-Chun; Chang, Geen-Dong ; Lee, Ming-Ting; Hwang, Jiuan-JiuanJOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY 
191993Pulsatile and Steady Flow Induces c-fos Expression in Human Endothelial CellsFrangos, J. A.; 謝學真 ; Li, N. Q.; Frangos, J. A.; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen Journal of Cellular Physiology 
202008Reishi immuno-modulation protein induces interleukin-2 expression via protein kinase-dependent signaling pathways within human T cellsHsu H. Y.; Hua K. F.; Wu W. C.; Hsu J.; Weng S. T.; Lin T. L.; Liu C. Y.; Hseu R. S.; Huang C. T.; Hsu H. Y.; CHING-TSAN HUANG ; Hua K. F.; Wu W. C.; Hsu J.; Weng S. T.; Lin T. L.; Liu C. Y.; Hseu R. S.; Huang C. T.Journal of Cellular Physiology