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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12011A critique on evaluating fatigue crack propagation properties using miniature specimensShin, C.-S.; Lin, S.-W.; CHOW-SHING SHIN Advanced Materials Research 10
22010A new cutting force model for micro-milling and determination of optimal cutting parametersWang, S.-M.; Chiang, Z.-S.; Chen, D.-F.; Tsai, Y.-Y.; YAO-YANG TSAI Advanced Materials Research 10
32012A novel gaussian window approach for empirical mode decompositionWu, S.D.; Wu, C.-W.; Liu, C.-L.; Huang, Y.-H.; Lee, K.-Y.; KUNG-YEN LEE Advanced Materials Research 00
42008An impact events monitoring system for wind turbine bladesShin, C.S.; Chen, B.L.; Cheng, J.R.; CHOW-SHING SHIN Advanced Materials Research 
52010An investigation of attachment on electrode surface in Dry EDMShue, K.-Y.; Tsai, Y.-Y.; Chang, Y.-M.; YAO-YANG TSAI Advanced Materials Research 40
62012Automatic recognition of basal cisterns on brain CTFU-REN XIAOAdvanced Materials Research 00
72013Convergent synthesis of polyimide dendrimers from an ABB' intermediateHsieh, C.-W.; Chen, Y.-H.; Jeng, R.-J.; Dai, S.H.A.; RU-JONG JENG Advanced Materials Research 00
82012Design and implementation of Network Management Architecture for Wireless Sensor NetworksChang, R.-I.; Chuang, C.-C.; Chang, Ray-I; Chuang, Chi-Cheng; RAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Ray-I ; Chuang, Chi-ChengAdvanced Materials Research 00
92011Development of diagnosis system for machine tool shaft inspectionHsieh, N.-K.; Lin, W.-Y.; Young, H.-T.; HONG-TSU YOUNG Advanced Materials Research 00
102014Effects of on-time on microstructure and corrosion resistance of Pulse-Micro-Arc oxidation coatings formed on titanium alloyChen, Y.-S.; Tsai, Y.-Y.; YAO-YANG TSAI Advanced Materials Research 00
112010Effects of polymer particles suspending in dielectric fluid on surface roughness of EDMTsai, Y.-Y.; Chang, C.-K.; YAO-YANG TSAI Advanced Materials Research 40
122012Enhancement of through silicon via (TSV) sidewall quality by nanosecond laser pulses with chemical etching processTang, C.-W.; Young, H.-T.; Li, K.-M.; HONG-TSU YOUNG ; KUAN-MING LI Advanced Materials Research 10
132009Estimation of dressing effects in chemical mechanical polishing with sorts of diamond dressersChen, K.-R.; Young, H.-T.; Chen, K.R.; Young, H.T.; Chen, K.R.; Tsai, P.-L.; HONG-TSU YOUNG ; Young, H.T.; Chen, M.-C.; Huang, Y.-T.; Lin, K.-C.; Chen, K.-L.; Hsu, Y.-W.Advanced Materials Research 20
142010Evaluating the micromachining rate of nanosecond laser with thermal analysisHo, J.-E.; Young, H.T.; HONG-TSU YOUNG Advanced Materials Research 00
152012Experimental Study on Minimum Quantity Lubrication in Mechanical MicromachiningLi, K.-M.; KUAN-MING LI Advanced Materials Research 00
162008Fiber Bragg gratings array for structural health monitoringChen, B.L.; Shin, C.S.; CHOW-SHING SHIN Advanced Materials Research 
172013In-situ fatigue crack initiation monitoring in NiTi rotary endodontic instrumentsShin, C.S.; Liu, C.Y.; Hsu, S.C.; CHOW-SHING SHIN Advanced Materials Research 00
182013Manganese K- and L<inf>3</inf>-edge X-ray absorption fine structure study of Zn<inf>1-x</inf>Mn<inf>x</inf>TeZheng, W.; Jang, L.-Y.; Lee, J.-M.; Zheng, R.S.; Liu, C.W.; Becla, P.; Feng, Z.C.; CHEE-WEE LIU Advanced Materials Research 30
192012Measurement of thin-film evaporation heat transfer for evaporators with sintered powder wick structureYAO-YANG TSAI Advanced Materials Research 00
202011Optical characterization of MBE-Grown ZnO epilayersKaraliunas, M.; Serevicius, T.; Kuokstis, E.; Jursenas, S.; Ting, S.Y.; Huang, J.J.; Yang, C.C.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG Advanced Materials Research 80