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12000Comparison of three cooking methods on qualities of low-fat kung-wans formulated with gum-hydrate fat substitutesHsu, S.-Y.; Chung, H.-Y.; SHUN-YAO HSU Journal of Food Engineering 1413
21999Comparisons of 13 edible gum-hydrate fat substitutes for low fat Kung-wan (an emulsified meatball)Hsu, S.Y.; Chung, H.-Y.; SHUN-YAO HSU Journal of Food Engineering 3331
32000Comparisons of three cooking methods on qualities of low fat Kung-wans formulated with gum-hydrate fat substitutes.Hsu, S.Y.; Chung, H-Y.Journal of Food Engineering 
42006Comparisons on 10 non-meat protein fat substitutes for low-fat kung-wansHsu, Shun-Yao ; Sun, Lung-YuehJournal of Food Engineering 00
52002Comparisons on 11 plant oil fat substitutes for low-fat Kung-wansHsu, S.Y.; Yu, S.H.; SHUN-YAO HSU Journal of Food Engineering 6160
62003Cooking effects on low fat Kung-wans formulated with plant oils.Hsu, S.Y.; Yu, S.H.Journal of Food Engineering 
72003Cooking effects on low-fat Kung-wans formulated with plant oilsHsu, S.Y.; Yu, S.H.; SHUN-YAO HSU Journal of Food Engineering 126
82004Effect of Screw Profile on Residence Time Distribution and Starch Gelatinization of Rice Flour during Single Screw Extrusion CookingChuang, George Chao-Chi; Yeh, An-I Journal of Food Engineering 
92004Effect of screw profile on residence time distribution and starch gelatinization of rice flour during single screw extrusion cookingAN-I(ANDY) YEH Journal of Food Engineering 5649
101990The Effect of Selected Processing Variables on the Quality of Raw SurimiHsu, Shun-Yao Journal of Food Engineering 20
112009Effect of water content and mucilage on physico-chemical characteristics of Yam (Discorea alata Purpurea) starchAN-I(ANDY) YEH Journal of Food Engineering 2421
122007Effects of edible chitosan coating on quality and shelf life of sliced mango fruitChien, P.-J.; Sheu, F.; Yang, F.-H.; FUU SHEU ; Sheu, Fuu Journal of Food Engineering 341280
132005Effects of flow rate, temperature and salt concentration on chemical and physical properties of electrolyzed oxidizing waterHsu, Shun-Yao; SHUN-YAO HSU Journal of Food Engineering 10188
141997Effects of Particle Radius, Fluid Viscosity and Relative Velocity on the Surface Heat Transfer Coefficient of Spherical Particles at Low Reynolds NumberChen, Su-Lin; Yeh, An-I ; Wu, James Swi-BeaJournal of Food Engineering 
151997Effects of particle radius, fluid viscosity and relative velocity on the surface heat transfer coefficient of spherical particles at low Reynolds numbersAN-I(ANDY) YEH Journal of Food Engineering 
161999Effects of phosphate, water, fat and salt on qualities of low-fat emulsified meatballHsu, S.Y.; Yu, S.H.; SHUN-YAO HSU Journal of Food Engineering 4135
171998Effects of processing factors on qualities of emulsified meatballSHUN-YAO HSU Journal of Food Engineering 4636
182006Effects of salt, phosphates, potassium sorbate and sodium erythorbate on qualities of emulsified meatballHsu, S.Y.; Sun, L.-Y.; Hsu, Shun-Yao Journal of Food Engineering 3328
192003Effects of starch properties on rheological characteristics of starch/meat complexesAN-I(ANDY) YEH ; Li, Jeng-Yune; Yeh, An-I Journal of Food Engineering 4543
202004Effects of storage conditions on chemical and physical properties of electrolyzed oxidizing waterHsu, S.-Y.; Kao, H.-Y.; Hsu, Shun-Yao Journal of Food Engineering 4337