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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12012Applying reflectance spectrum to evaluate water content in Pachira MacrocarpaPeng, Y.-L.; Chang, Y.-S.; YU-SEN CHANG Advanced Science Letters 00
22012Autofluorescence approaches to observation of mycorrhizal colonization in five orchidsLee, M.-C.; Hsu, J.-H.; Cheng, S.-F.; Chang, D.C.N.; Shen, W.-C.; Chang, Y.-S.; YU-SEN CHANG ; WEI-CHIANG SHEN Advanced Science Letters 00
32013Chlorophyll fluorescence and leaf-air temperature difference as potential shade-tolerance indexes of ornamental plantsWu, C.-W.; Ke, T.-S.; Chang, Y.-J.; Chang, Y.-S.; YU-SEN CHANG Advanced Science Letters 30
42014Cloud computing-based smart home-based rehabilitation nursing system for early interventionLU LU; MEI-HUI TSENGAdvanced Science Letters 40
52012Constructing an outsourcing model to evaluate the health information systemYUAN-HUEI HUANG Advanced Science Letters 00
62011Deformation Analysis of Springback in L-Bending of Sheet MetalChen, Fuh-Kuo ; Ko, Shen-FuAdvanced Science Letters 53
72012Design and Control of a Fuel Cell Powered Electric LifterWang, Fu-Cheng ; Yu, Chung-Huang; Tsai, Jeff Tsung-Hui; Lee, Bo-Yi; Kuo, Po-Chen; Ma, Hsiao-KanAdvanced Science Letters 10
82011Developing a model for steady outsourcing projects in evaluating the health medical information systemsYUAN-HUEI HUANG Advanced Science Letters 71
92012Development of an Interactive Electrical Acupuncture MannequinWang, Fu-Cheng ; Wang, Hsiao-Wu; Huang, Ching-WuAdvanced Science Letters 00
102013Effects of light-emitting diodes light quality on green-braided Pachira macrocarpa productionPeng, Y.-L.; Liu, F.-Y.; Chang, Y.-S.; YU-SEN CHANG Advanced Science Letters 00
112011Failure assessments of porous aluminum sheets under stretching proceduresKUO-CHI LIAO Advanced Science Letters 10
122012Feature extraction from depth cameraLin, Y.-L.; Wang, M.-J.J.; Tsai, Y.-Y.; Huang, J.; YAO-YANG TSAI Advanced Science Letters 00
132011Image quality improvement in atomic force microscopy using a novel control strategyPING-LANG YEN Advanced Science Letters 00
142013Removal of Bacillus subtilis bioaerosols by using the novel plasma systemWEI FANG Advanced Science Letters 00
152012Springback evaluation of porous sheets under draw bending proceduresKUO-CHI LIAO Advanced Science Letters 00
162012Study the keyhole welding performance with enthalpy method in upwind schemeHo, J.-E.; Young, H.T.; HONG-TSU YOUNG Advanced Science Letters 00
172012The correlation between shade tolerance and leaf characteristics of ten urban landscape plantsWu, C.-W.; Chang, Y.-S.; Lee, M.-C.; Sung, F.-H.; Huang, I.C.; Hsu, J.-H.; YU-SEN CHANG Advanced Science Letters 00