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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12016A novel trend surveillance system using the information from web search enginesZe-Han Fang; Chien Chin Chen; CHIEN CHIN CHEN Decision Support Systems 00
22013An integrated decision making model for district revitalization and regeneration project selectionWang, W.-M.; Lee, A.H.I.; Peng, L.-P.; Wu, Z.-L.; LI-PEI PENG Decision Support Systems 4743
32000Architecture and category knowledge for intelligent information retrieval agentsTu, H.-C.; Hsiang, J.; JIEH HSIANG Decision Support Systems 3227
42008A Collaborative-Filtering-Based Approach to Personalized Document ClusteringWei, C.; Yang, C. S.; Hsiao, H. W.Decision Support Systems 3226
52004Credit Rating Analysis with Support Vector Machines and Neural Network: A Market Comparative StudyHuang, Z.; Chen, H.; Hsu, C.-J.; Chen, W.-H; Wu, S.Decision Support Systems 
62008Cross-Lingual Thesaurus for Multilingual Knowledge ManagementYang, C. C.; Wei, C.; Li, K. W.Decision Support Systems 910
72008Effective Spam Filtering: A Single-Class Learning and Ensemble ApproachWei, C.; Chen, H. C.; Cheng, T. H.Decision Support Systems 2825
82006Evaluating An Intelligent Patient Image Pre-fetching System: An Experimental StudyHu, P.; Wei, C.; Liu, Sheng O. R.Decision Support Systems 
92012From data to global generalized knowledgeChen, Yen-Liang; Wu, Yu-Ying; Chang, Ray-I; Chen, Yen-Liang; Wu, Yu-Ying; Chang, Ray-I; Chen, Yen-Liang; RAY-I CHANG ; Wu, Yu-Ying; Chang, Ray-I Decision Support Systems 96
102011Giving context to accounting numbers: the role of news coverageChen, Hsinchun; Lian, Jian-Shuen; Chen, Tsai-Jyh; Chen, Kuo-Tay; Li, Shu-Hsing; Lu, Hsin-Min; Lu, Hsin-Min ; Li, Shu-Hsing Decision Support Systems 88
112011Knowledge management adoption and assessment for SMEs by a novel MCDM approachHunga, Ying-Hsun; Choua, Seng-Cho T.; Tzenga, Gwo-HshiungDecision Support Systems 7161
122009Knowledge management systems and organizational knowledge processing challenges: A field experimentHahn, Jungpil; Wang, TaweiDecision Support Systems 2516
132008Knowledge-Based Organization EvaluationWu, Liang-Chuan; Ong, Chorng-Shyong ; Hsu, Yao-Wen Decision Support Systems 2020
142008A Latent Semantic Indexing-based Approach to Multilingual Document ClusteringWei, C.; Yang, C. C.; Lin, C. M.Decision Support Systems 6648
152007Predicting Adequacy of Vancomycin Regimens: A Learning-based Classification Approach for Improving Clinical Decision MakingHu, P.; Wei, C.; Cheng, T. H.; Chen, J. X.Decision Support Systems 
162010Predicting the Length of Hospital Stay of Burn Patients: Comparisons of Prediction Accuracy among Different Clinical StagesYang, Chin-Sheng; Wei, Chih-Ping ; Yuan, Chi-Chuan; Schoung, Jen-YuDecision Support Systems 2836
172011Quality evaluation of product reviews using an information quality frameworkChen, C.C.; Tseng, Y.-D.; Witton-Davies, G; CHIEN CHIN CHEN Decision Support Systems 133126
182007Reference Metadata Extraction Using a Hierarchical Knowledge RepresentationDay, Min-Yuh; Tsai, Tzong-Han; Sung, Cheng-Lung; Hsieh, Chiu-Chen; Lee, Cheng-Wei; Wu, Shih-Hung; Wu, Kuen-Pin; Ong, Chorng-Shyong ; Hsu, Wen-LianDecision Support Systems 
192007Using Peer-to Peer Technology for Knowledge Sharing in Communities of PracticesWang, Chen-Ya; Yang, Hsin-Yi; Chou, Seng-Cho T.Decision Support Systems 3025
202008Victims of Crime in Taiwan’s criminal justice system王兆鵬Support for