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11998C. elegans phagocytosis and cell-migration protein CED-5 is similar to human DOCK180.Wu, YC; Horvitz, HRNature 326315
22017Current-induced switching in a magnetic insulatorAvci, C.O.; Quindeau, A.; Pai, C.-F.; Mann, M.; Caretta, L.; Tang, A.S.; Onbasli, M.C.; Ross, C.A.; Beach, G.S.D.; CHI-FENG PAI Nature Materials 216215
32007DNMT3L Connects Unmethylated Lysine 4 of Histone H3To De Novo Methylation of DNA.Ooi, S.K.T.; Qiu, C; Bernstein, E; Li, K; Jia, D; Yang, Z; Erdjument-Bromage, H; Tempst, P; Lin, S-P; Allis C, D; Cheng, X; Bestor, T.H.Nature 
42007Evidence for wavelike energy transfer through quantum coherence in photosynthetic systemsEngel, G. S.; Calhoun, T. R.; Read, E. L.; Ahn, T. K.; Mancal, T.; Cheng, Y. C.; Blankenship, R. E.; Fleming, G. R.Nature 
52006fishing elevate variability in the abundance of exploited speciesHsieh Chih-hao ; Reiss Christian S.; Hunter John R.; Beddington John R.; May Robert M.; Sugihara GeorgeNature 
61985Lightning-Induced Electron PrecipitationVoss, H. D.; Imhof, W. L.; Walt, M.; Mobilia, J.; Gaines, E. E.; Reagan, J. B.; Inan, U. S.; Helliwell, R. A.; Carpenter, D. L.; Katsufrakis, J. P.; 張宏鈞 ; Imhof, W. L.; Mobilia, J.; Reagan, J. B.; Inan, U. S.; Helliwell, R. A.; Chang, Hung-Chun Nature 
72005Nanolithography made from dual function water base magnetic LSMO resistChuang, C-M , Wu, M-C , Huang, Y-C , Chen, Y-F; Su, W-FNature Materials 
82006Three-dimensional reconstruction of a solid-oxide fuel-cell anodeHSUN-YI CHEN Nature Materials 707638