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12016Bioaccumulation of mercury and polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in salty water organismsCHEN-WUING LIU Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 1211
22012Characterizing hydrochemical properties of springs in Taiwan based on their geological originsCHEN-WUING LIU Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 1010
32007Delimitation of arsenic-contaminated groundwater using risk-based indicator approaches around blackfoot disease hyperendemic areas of southern TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU ; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Lu, Kuang-liang; Lin, Ching-chiehEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment 1312
42011Double sampling for stratification for the monitoring of sparse tree populations: The example of Populus euphratica Oliv. forests at the lower reaches of Tarim River, Southern Xinjiang, ChinaLam, T.Y.; Kleinn, C.; Coenradie, B.; TZENG YIH LAM Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 1614
52007Effect of spatial variability of storm on the optimal placement of best management practices (BMPs)Chang, C. L.; Chiueh, P. T.; Lo, S. L.Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 
62010Effects of land cover changes induced by large physical disturbances on hydrological responses in Central TaiwanHong, N.M.; Chu, H.-J.; Lin, Y.-P.; Deng, D.-P.; Hong, Nien Ming; YU-PIN LIN ; Chu, Hone-Jay; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Deng, Dung-PoEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment 1915
72014Establishment of turbidity forecasting model and early-warning system for source water turbidity management using back-propagation artificial neural network algorithm and probability analysisYang, T.-M.; Fan, S.-K.; Fan, C.; Hsu, N.-S.; CHIHHAO FAN Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 1513
82011Estimation of nested spatial patterns and seasonal variation in the longitudinal distribution of Sicyopterus japonicus in the Datuan Stream, Taiwan by using geostatistical methodsLin, Y.-P.; Wang, C.-L.; Chang, C.-R.; Yu, H.-H.; YU-PIN LIN Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 65
92013Estimation of phosphorus flux in rivers during floodingChen Y.-C.; Liu J.-H.; Kuo J.-T.; Lin C.-F. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 86
102004A Generalized Water Quality Index for TaiwanLiou, Shiow-Mey; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Wang, Shan-HsienEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment 245222
112005Interpretation and Discrimination of Marshy Wetlands by Soil Factors in the Kuan-Tu Natural Park, TaiwanLiao, Shao-Wei; Chang, Wen-Lian Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 64
122008Mapping and assessing spatial multiscale variations of birds associated with urban environments in metropolitan Taipei, TaiwanLin, Y.-B.; Lin, Y.-P.; Fang, W.-T.; Lin, Yun-Bin; YU-PIN LIN ; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Fang, Wei-TaEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment 1212
132011Monitoring and estimating scale-dependent hierarchical relationships between Sicyopterus japonicus density and stream habitat features in different seasons in northern TaiwanYu, H.-H.; Lin, Y.-P.; Wang, C.-L.; YU-PIN LIN Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 11
142011Monitoring and identification of spatiotemporal landscape changes in multiple remote sensing images by using a stratified conditional Latin hypercube sampling approach and geostatistical simulationLin, Y.-P.; Chu, H.-J.; Huang, Y.-L.; Tang, C.-H.; Rouhani, S.; YU-PIN LIN Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 1512
152001Multiple-point variance analysis for optimal adjustment of a monitoring networkLin, Y.-P.; Rouhani, S.; YU-PIN LIN Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 118
162014Occurrence of perfluorinated compounds in the aquatic environment as found in science park effluent, river water, rainwater, sediments, and biotissuesLin, A.Y.-C.; Panchangam, S.C.; Tsai, Y.-T.; Yu, T.-H.; ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 3433
172009Online detection of waterborne bioavailable copper by valve daily rhythms in freshwater clam Corbicula flumineaJou, L. J.; Chen, W. Y.; CHUNG-MIN LIAO Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 97
182006The Parameter Optimization in the Inverse Distance Method by Genetic Algorithm for Estimating PrecipitationChang, Chia-Ling; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Yu, Shaw-LEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment 
192010Prediction of the effluent from a domestic wastewater treatment plant of CASP using gray model and neural networkChen, Home-Ming; SHANG-LIEN LO Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 75
202013Probability-based nitrate contamination map of groundwater in KinmenLiu, C.-W.; Wang, Y.-B.; Jang, C.-S.; CHEN-WUING LIU Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 139