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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12006Analysis of Power Output for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting SystemsShu, Y. C.; Lien, I. C.; YI-CHUNG SHU Smart Materials and Structures 15: 685596
22010A bio-inspired structural health monitoring system based on ambient vibrationLin, Tzu-Kang; Kiremidjian, Anne; Lei, Chi-YangSmart Materials and Structures 98
32008Decentralized sliding mode control of a building using MR dampersLu, Kung-Chun; Loh, Chin-Hsiung ; Yang, J N; Lin, Pei-YangSmart Materials and Structures 3832
42006Flood scour monitoring system using fiber brag optical fiber sensorsLin, Y.B.; Lai, J.S.; Li, K.C.; Chang, L.S.Smart Material and Structures 
52010GA-based optimum design of a shape memory alloy device for seismic response mitigationOzbulut, O.E.; Roschke, P.N.; Lin, P.Y.; Loh, C.H.Smart Materials and Structures 6368
62004The health monitoring of a prestressed concrete beam by using fiber Bragg grating sensorsLin, Yung Bin; Chang, Kuo Chun ; Chern, Jenn Chuan ; Wang, L.A.Smart Materials and Structures 63
72010Influence of phase composition on electrostrains of doped (Bi0. 5Na0. 5) TiO3–BaTiO3–(Bi0. 5K0. 5) TiO3 lead-free ferroelectric ceramicsShieh, J.; Lin, Y.C.; TZONG-LIN JAY SHIEH ; CHUIN-SHAN CHEN Smart Materials and Structures 11
81998Miniature piezoelectric actuators: design concept, fabrication and performance evaluationLee, C. K.; Chang, S. H.; Chang, Pei-Zen ; CHIH-KUNG LEE ; PEI-ZEN CHANG Smart Materials and Structures 108
92011On-line structural damage localization and quantification using wireless sensorsHsu, Ting-Yu; Huang, Shieh-Kung; Lu, Kung-Chung; Loh, Chin-Hsiung ; Wang, Yang; Lynch, Jerome PeterSmart Materials and Structures 2324
102011Structural damage diagnosis based on on-line recursive stochastic subspace identificationLoh, Chin-Hsiung ; Weng, Jian-Huang; Liu, Yi-Cheng; Lin, Pei-Yang; Huang, Shieh-KungSmart Materials and Structures 3023
112004The utilization of fiber Bragg grating sensors to monitor high performance concrete at elevated temperatureLin, Yung Bin; Chern, Jenn Chuan ; Chang, Kuo-Chun ; Chan, Yin-Wen ; Wang, L. A.Smart Materials and Structures 22
122003Utilization of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors to Monitor the Performance of High Strength Concrete at Elevated TemperatureLin, Y.B.; Chern, J.C.; Chang, K.C.; Chan, Y.W.Smart Materials and Structures