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12011A bundled microwire array for long-term chronic single-unit recording in deep brain regions of behaving ratsTseng, W.-T.; Yen, C.-T.; Tsai, M.-L.; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2833
21991A modified "triangular pulse" stimulator for C-fibers stimulationJaw, F.-S.; Yen, C.-T.; Tsao, H.W.; Yu, H.J.; HEN-WAI TSAO ; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Neuroscience Methods 85
31999A multichannel system for recording and analysis of cortical field potentials in freely moving ratsFu-Zen Shaw; Ruei-Feng Chen; Hen-Wai Tsao; Chen-Tung Yen; HEN-WAI TSAO ; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Neuroscience Methods 3029
42003A simple method for fabricating horizontal and vertical microwire arraysTsai, M.-L.; Yen, C.-T.; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2925
52011A simple method for fabricating microwire tetrode with sufficient rigidity and integrity without a heat-fusing processLiao, Y.-F.; Tsai, M.-L.; Yen, C.-T.; Cheng, C.-H.; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Neuroscience Methods 68
61997A simple method for the construction of a recording-injection microelectrode with glass-insulated microwireTsai, M.L.; Chai, C.Y.; Yen, C.-T.; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Neuroscience Methods 45
71999Algorithmic complexity as an index of cortical function in awake and pentobarbital-anesthetized ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Yen, Chen-Tung Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2418
82011An infrared range camera-based approach for three-dimensional locomotion tracking and pose reconstruction in a rodentOu-Yang, T.-H.; Tsai, M.-L.; Yen, C.-T.; Lin, T.-T.; TA-TE LIN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Lin, Ta-Te Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2530
92012AveLI: A robust lateralization index in functional magnetic resonance imaging using unbiased threshold-free computationWEN-YIH TSENGJournal of Neuroscience Methods 1520
102012Beta-adrenoceptor pathway enhances mitochondrial function in human neural stem cells via rotary cell culture systemChiang, M.-C.; Lin, H.; Cheng, Y.-C.; Yen, C.-H.; Huang, R.-N.; Lin, K.-H.; RONG-NAN HUANG Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2427
112016Development of method for quantifying essential tremor using a small optical deviceKAI-HSIANG CHEN ; Lin, Po-Chieh; Chen, Yu-Jung; Yang, Bing-Shiang; Lin, Chin-HsienJournal of Neuroscience Methods 1715
122013Diffusion spectrum MRI using body-centered-cubic and half-sphere sampling schemesWEN-YIH TSENGJournal of Neuroscience Methods 1212
13FebEffect of Conduction Distance on Amplitude And Area of Compound Action Potentials of A Fiber and C Fiber曹偉恆; 嚴震東 ; 于惠中; Jaw, F. S.曹偉恆; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Yu, Hui-JungJournal of Neuroscience Methods 55
142012Empirical mode decomposition based detrended sample entropy in electroencephalography for Alzheimer's diseaseTsai, Ping-Huang; Lin, Chen; Tsao, Jenho; Lin, Pei-Feng; Wang, Pa-Chun; Huang, Norden E.; Lo, Men-TzungJournal of Neuroscience Methods 3033
152015Fbxo3-Dependent Fbxl2 Ubiquitination Mediates Neuropathic Allodynia through the TRAF2/TNIK/GluR1 CascadeLin, Tzer-Bin; Hsieh, Ming-Chun; Lai, Cheng-Yuan; Cheng, Jen-Kun; Chau, Yat-Pang; Ruan, Ting; Chen, Gin-Den; Peng, Hsien-YuJournal of Neuroscience 2026
162010A highly sensitive peptide substrate for detecting two A beta-degrading enzymes: Neprilysin and insulin-degrading enzymeChen, Po-Ting; Liao, Tai-Yan; Hu, Chaur-Jong; Wu, Shu-Ting; Wang, Steven S.-S.; Chen, Rita P.-Y.JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS 1517
172010A highly sensitive peptide substrate for detecting two A£]-degrading enzymes: Neprilysin and insulin-degrading enzymeChen P.-T.; Liao T.-Y.; Hu C.-J.; Wu S.-T.; Wang S.S.-S. ; Chen R.P.-Y.Journal of Neuroscience Methods 1517
181991Interactive program for spectral and area analysis of compound action potentials of A-fiber and C-fiberJaw, F.-S.; Yu, S.-N.; Lee, J.-C.; Tsao, H.-W.; Yu, H.J.; Yen, C.-T.; HEN-WAI TSAO ; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Neuroscience Methods 53
192004A laser micromachined probe for recording multiple field potentials in the thalamusChen, You-Yin; Kuo, Te-Son; Jaw, Fu-Shan Journal of Neuroscience Methods 1111
202005Miniature telemetry system for the recording of action and field potentialsChien, Chia-Nan; Jaw, Fu-Shan Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2317