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12004Adenovirus Expressing Fas Ligand Gene Decreases Airway Hyper- Responsiveness and Eosinophilia in a Murine Model of AsthmaChuang, Y-H; Fu, C-L; Lo, Y-C; Chiang, B-L; 莊雅惠; 江伯倫GENE THERAPY 
32006Adenovirus expressing interleukin-1 receptor antagonist alleviates allergic inflammation in a model of asthmaWang, C.-C.; Fu, C.-L.; Yang, Y.-H.; Lo, Y.-C.; Chuang, Y.-H.; Chang, D.-M.; Chiang, B.-L.Gene Therapy 
42003CD8+ T cells, NK cells and IFN-γ are important for control of tumor with downregulated MHC class I expression by DNA vaccinationWEN-FANG CHENGGene Therapy 
51995Cloning and characterization of a cDNA encoding an 18.0-kDa class-I low-molecular-weight heat-shock protein from riceLee, Yueh-Luen; Chang, Pi-Fang L.; Yeh, Kai-Wun; Jinn, Tsung-Luo ; Kung, Cheng-Che S.; Lin, Wan-Chi; Chen, Yih-Ming; Lin, Chu-YungGene 
61995Cloning and characterization of a cDNA-encoding an 18.0-kda class-1 low-molecular-weight heat-shock protein from rice.Lee, YL; Chang, PFL; Yeh, KW; Jinn, TL; Kung, CCS; Lin, WC; Chen, YM; Lin, CYGene 
71995Cloning and characterization of the endogenous retroviral-tRNAGlu multigene family from human genomes of different racial backgroundsYeh, Kai-Wun; Yang, Wen K.; Huang, Huey-Chung; Feng, Ya-Nan; Liu, Jau-Ching; Wu, Felicia Y. -H.; Wu, Cheng-WenGene 
82007Cloning and expression analysis of heat shock cognate 70 gene promoter in tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon)Chuang, Kuo-Hung; Ho, Shih-Hu; Song, Yen-LingGene 
92008Connective tissue growth factor linked to the E7 tumor antigen generates potent antitumor immune responses mediated by an antiapoptotic mechanismCHI-AN CHEN; WEN-FANG CHENG; CHIEN-NAN LEE; WEI-ZEN SUN Gene Therapy 
102003Correction/Mutation of Acid Alpha-D-Glucosidase Gene by Modified Single- Stranded Oligonucleotides: In Vitro and in Vivo StudiesLIN, SHWU-BINGENE THERAPY 
112010Cytokine Gene-Modulated Dendritic Cells Protect against Allergic Airway Inflammation by Inducing Il-10(+)Ifn-Gamma(+)Cd4(+) T CellsHSU, CHIH-YU; LEU, SY-JYE; CHIANG, BOR-LUENGENE THERAPY 
122002Electroporation-mediated pain-killer gene therapy for mononeuropathic ratsLin, C.-R.; Yang, L.-C.; Lee, T.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Huang, H.-T.; Sun, W.-Z.; Cheng, J.-T.; WEI-ZEN SUNGene Therapy 
132002Electroporation-Mediated Pain-Killer Gene Therapy for Mononeuropathic RatsSUN, WEI-ZENGENE THERAPY 
142003Enhanced immunogenicity of human papillomavirus 16 L1 genetic vaccines fused to an ER-targeting secretory signal peptide and RANTESCHIEN-NAN LEEGene Therapy 
152001Enhancement of suicidal DNA vaccine potency by linking Mycobacterium tuberculosis heat shock protein 70 to an antigenWEN-FANG CHENGGene Therapy 
162016Mesothelin-specific cell-based vaccine generates antigen-specific immunity and potent antitumor effects by combining with IL-12 immunomodulatorChang, M.-C.; Chen, Y.-L.; Chiang, Y.-C.; Chen, T.-C.; Tang, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-A.; Sun, W.-Z.; Cheng, W.-F.; Cheng, W.-F.Gene Therapy 
171998Molecular cloning of bovine telomerase RNA.Tsao, DA; Wu, CW; Lin, YSGene 
181995Mutations Altering Specificity in Restriction-Modification Enzymes Using the Bacteriophage P22 Challenge-Phage SystemFisher, E. W.; Yang, M.-T.; Yang, M.-T.; Jeng, S.-T.; Jeng, S.-T.; Gardner, J. F.; Gardner, J. F.; Gumport, R. I.; Gumport, R. I.Gene 
192009Noncarrier naked antigen-specific DNA vaccine generates potent antigen-specific immunologic responses and antitumor effectsChen, C.-A.; Chang, M.-C.; Sun, W.-Z.; Chen, Y.-L.; Chiang, Y.-C.; Hsieh, C.-Y.; Chen, S.M.; Hsiao, P.-N.; Cheng, W.-F.; PO-NI HSIAO; WEI-ZEN SUNGene Therapy 
202004Novel cis-element in intron 1 represses somite expression of zebrafish myf-5.Lin, CY; Chen, YH; Lee, HC; Tsai, HJGene