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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
120152-D PSTD simulation of focusing monochromatic light through a macroscopic scattering medium via optical phase conjugationSNOW H. TSENG Biomedical Optics Express 33
220142-D PSTD Simulation of the time-reversed ultrasound-encoded deep-tissue imaging techniqueTseng, S.H.; Ting, W.-L.; Wang, S.-J.; SNOW H. TSENG Biomedical Optics Express 33
32010Characterizing the localized surface plasmon resonance behaviors of Au nanorings and tracking their diffusion in bio-tissue with optical coherence tomographyLee, C.-K.; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG ; HAN-YI E. CHOU ; YEAN-WOEI KIANG et al. Biomedical Optics Express 2524
42013Chiral imaging of collagen by second-harmonic generation circular dichroismSHI-WEI CHU Biomedical Optics Express 7667
52012Diagnosis of oral precancer with optical coherence tomographyLee, Cheng-Kuang; Chi, Ting-Ta; Wu, Chiung-Ting; Tsai, Meng-Tsan; Chiang, Chun-Pin; Yang, Chih-Chung (C. C.); CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG Biomedical Optics Express 5348
62015Fluorescence depletion properties of insulin–gold nanoclustersSHI-WEI CHU ; PI-TAI CHOU Biomedical Optics Express 1010
72014Full-depth epidermis tomography using a mirau-based full-field optical coherence tomographyTsai, C.-C.; Chang, C.-K.; Hsu, K.-Y.; Ho, T.-S.; Lin, M.-Y.; Tjiu, J.-W.; Huang, S.-L.; SHENG-LUNG HUANG Biomedical Optics Express 4540
82012Imaging morphodynamics of human blood cells in vivo with video-rate third harmonic generation microscopyChen, C.-K.; Liu, T.-M.Biomedical Optics Express 2321
92012Improving signal-to-noise ratio of structured light microscopy based on photon reassignmentYUAN LUO Biomedical Optics Express 63
102011Quantification of the optical properties of two-layered turbid media by simultaneously analyzing the spectral and spatial information of steady-state diffuse reflectance spectroscopyTe-Yu Tseng; Chun-Yu Chen; Yi-Shan Li; Kung-Bin Sung; KUNG-BIN SUNG Biomedical Optics Express 5444
112016Reduction of blurring in broadband volume holographic imaging using a deconvolution methodYUAN LUO Biomedical Optics Express 21
122012Three-color femtosecond source for simultaneous excitation of three fluorescent proteins in two-photon fluorescence microscopyWang, K.; Liu, T.-M.; Wu, J.; Horton, N. G.; Lin, C. P.; Xu, C.Biomedical Optics Express 6755