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12016A novel temperature-responsive micelle for enhancing combination therapyPeng, Cheng-Liang; Chen, Yuan-I; Liu, Hung-Jen; Lee, Pei-Chi; Luo, Tsai-Yueh; Shieh, Ming-Jium89
22014Adenosine diphosphate-decorated chitosan nanoparticles shorten blood clotting times, influencing the structures and varying the mechanical properties of the clotsSHOEI-SHEN WANG journal article98
32013Allergenicity and toxicology of inhaled silver nanoparticles in allergen-provocation mice modelsTSUN-JEN CHENG journal article1816
42010Antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles in three different sizes and their nanocomposites with a new waterborne polyurethaneSHAN-HUI HSU journal article9185
52018Antiviral efficacy of nanoparticulate vacuolar ATPase Inhibitors Against Influenza virus infectionHu, Che Ming Jack; Chen, You Ting; Fang, Zih Syun; Chang, Wei Shan; Chen, Hui Wen00
62015Application of nanoparticles for oral delivery of acid-labile lansoprazole in the treatment of gastric ulcer: In vitro and in vivo evaluationsWEN-JEN LIN journal article1614
72012Characteristics of magnetic labeling on liver tumors with anti-alpha-fetoprotein-mediated Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticlesKAI-WEN HUANG journal article2319
82013Comparative proteomics of inhaled silver nanoparticles in healthy and allergen provoked miceTSUN-JEN CHENG journal article280
92016Controlled-release of tetracycline and lovastatin by poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide acid)-chitosan nanoparticles enhances periodontal regeneration in dogsLee, Bor-Shiunn; Lee, Chien-Chen; Wang, Yi-Ping; Chen, Hsiao-Jan; Lai, Chern-Hsiung; Hsieh, Wan-Ling; Chen, Yi-Wen2827
102013Delivery system for DNAzymes using arginine-modified hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for therapeutic application in a nasopharyngeal carcinoma modelLI-YU LIU journal article2019
112012Differential baseline expression and angiotensin II-stimulation of leukemia-associated RhoGEF in vascular smooth muscle cells of spontaneously hypertensive ratsChiu, Wei-Chiao; CHO-KAI WU; SHENG NAN CHANG; Juang, Jyh-Ming; MING-JAI SU; Chang, Shen-Nan; FU-TIEN CHIANG; Wu, Cho-Kai; Tsai, Chia-Ti; CHIA-TI TSAI; Tseng, Chuen-Den; Tseng, Yung-Zu; Su, Ming-Jai; Chiang, Fu-Tienjournal article32
122016Doxorubicin-modified magnetic nanoparticles as a drug delivery system for magnetic resonance imaging-monitoring magnet-enhancing tumor chemotherapyPO-CHIN LIANG journal article3435
132012Efficacy and safety of nanohybrids comprising silver nanoparticles and silicate clay for controlling Salmonella infectionSHAN-HUI HSU ; JIANG-JEN LIN journal article2019
142012Feasibility studies for assaying alpha-fetoprotein using antibody-activated magnetic nanoparticlesHuang, Kai-Wen; KAI-WEN HUANG ; Huang, Kai-Wen; Yang, Shieh-Yueh; Yang, Shieh-Yueh; Hong, Yu-Wei; Hong, Yu-Wei; Chieh, Jen-Jie; Chieh, Jen-Jie; Yang, Che-Chuan; Yang, Che-Chuan; Horng, Herng-Er; Horng, Herng-Er; Wu, Chau-Chung; Wu, Chau-Chung; Hong, Chin-Yih; Hong, Chin-Yih; Yang, Hong-Chang; Yang, Hong-Changjournal article2221
152015Functionalized magnetic iron oxide/alginate core-shell nanoparticles for targeting hyperthermiaKEVIN CHIA-WEN WU journal article6265
162012In vivo tumor targeting and imaging with anti-vascular endothelial growth factor antibody-conjugated dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticlesYUH-LIEN CHEN ; Hsieh, Wan-Ju; I-RUE LAI ; Liang, Chan-Jung; SHU-HUEI WANG ; Chieh, Jen-Jie; Wang, Shu-Huei ; Lai, I-Rue ; Chen, Jyh-Horng ; Chang, Fu-Hsiung; Tseng, Wei-Kung; Yang, Shieh-Yueh; Wu, Chau-Chung ; Chen, Yuh-Lien journal article5545
172012Iron oxide nanoparticles suppressed T helper 1 cell-mediated immunity in a murine model of delayed-type hypersensitivityTONG-RONG JAN journal article3228
182014Liver cancer cells: Targeting and prolonged-release drug carriers consisting of mesoporous silica nanoparticles and alginate microspheresKEVIN CHIA-WEN WU ; JIASHING YU journal article3132
192007Nanomedicines in renal transplant rejection - focus on sirolimusShen, Li-Jiuan; Wu, Fe-Lin Lin034
202012Nanotheranostics - A review of recent publicationsJA-AN ANNIE HO journal article10190