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12006Abnormal gene expression profiles in unaffected parents of patients with hereditary-type retinoblastomaChuang, Eric Y.; Chen, Xi; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Yan, Hailing; Li, Chuan-Yuan; Mitchell, James B.; Nagasawa, Hatsumi; Wilson, Paul F.; Peng, Yuanlin; Fitzek, Markus M.; Bedford, Joel S.; Little, John B.Cancer Research 
22011Analysis of tumor environmental response and oncogenic pathway activation identifies distinct basal and luminal features in HER2-related breast tumor subtypesHSIU-NI KUNGBreast Cancer Research 
32005Cellular Mechanisms for Low-Dose Radiation-Induced Perturbation of the Breast Tissue MicroenvironmentTsai, Kelvin K.C.; Chuang, Eric Yao-Yu ; Little, John B.; Yuan, Zhi-MinCancer Research 
42005Cellular Mechanisms for Low-Dose Radiation-Induced Perturbation of the Breast Tissue Microenvironment.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG Cancer Research 
52012CIP2A is a target of bortezomib in human triple negative breast cancer cellsKuen-Feng Chen Breast Cancer Research 
62004Clustering of Minimal Deleted Regions Reveals Distinct Genetic Pathways of Human Hepatocellular CarcinomaJOU, YUH-SHAN; LEE, CHIH-SHIA; CHANG, YA-HUI; HSIAO, CHIN-FU; CHEN, CHIAN-FENG; CHAO, CHUAN-CHUAN; YEH, SHIOU-HWEI; CHEN, DING-SHINN; CHEN, PEI-JER; 陳培哲CANCER RESEARCH 
72005Effects of Hypoxia on Radiation-Responsive Stress-Activated Protein Kinase, p53, and Caspase 3 Signals in TK6 Human Lymphoblastoid Cells.Samuni, Ayelet M.; Kasid, Usha; Chuang, Eric Y.; Suy, Simeng; DeGraff, William; Krishna, Murali C.; Russo, Angelo; Mitchell, James B.Cancer Research 
82002Gene expression after treatment with hydrogen peroxide, menadione, or t-butyl hydroperoxide in breast cancer cellsChuang, Y. E.; Chen, Y.; Chandramouli, G.V.R.; Cook, J.A.; Coffin, D.; Tsai, M.H.; DeGraff, W.; Yan, H.; Zhao, S.; Russo, A.; Liu, E.; Michell, J.B.Cancer Research 
92003Gene Expression Analysis of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Reveals Consistent Molecular Profiles Related to a Family History of Upper Gastrointestinal CancerSu, Hua ; Hu, Nan; Shih, Joanna; Hu, Ying; Wang, Quan-Hong; Chuang, Eric Y.; Roth, Mark J.; Wang, Chaoyu; Goldstein, Alisa M.; Ding, Ti; Dawsey, Sanford M.; Giffen, Carol; Emmert-Buck, Michael R.; Taylor, Philip R.Cancer Research 
102014Genetic variation at CYP3A is associated with age at menarche and breast cancer risk: A case-control studyCHIUN-SHENG HUANGBreast Cancer Research 
112016High mammographic breast density predicts locoregional recurrence after modified radical mastectomy for invasive breast cancer: A case-control studyHuang, Yu-Sen; Chen, Jenny Ling-Yu; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Kuo, Sung-Hsin; Jaw, Fu-Shan; Tseng, Yao-Hui; Ko, Wei-Chun; Chang, Yeun-Chung; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; Huang, Yu-Sen; Huang, Yu-Sen; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG; Chen, Jenny Ling-Yu; Chen, Jenny Ling-Yu; Huang, Chiun-Sheng ; WEI-CHUN KO; Kuo, Sung-Hsin ; YAO-HUI TSENG ; Kuo, Sung-Hsin ; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Tseng, Yao-Hui ; Ko, Wei-Chun; Ko, Wei-Chun; Chang, Yeun-ChungBreast Cancer Research 
122011hPuf-A/KIAA0020 Modulates PARP-1 Cleavage upon Genotoxic StressChang, Hao-Yen; Fan, Chi-Chen; Chu, Po-Chen; Hong, Bo-En; Lee, Hyeon Jeong; Chang, Mau-Sun Cancer Research 
132006Hypoxic culture induces expression of sialin, a sialic acid transporter, and cancer-associated gangliosides containing non-human sialic acid on human cancer cellsYin, Jun; Hashimoto, Ayako; Izawa, Mineko; Miyazaki, Keiko; Chen, Guo-Yun; Takematsu, Hiromu; Kozutsumi, Yasunori; Suzuki, Akemi; Furuhata, Kimio; Cheng, Feng-Leng; Lin, Chun-Hung; Sato, Chihiro; Kitajima, Ken; Kannagi, ReijiCancer Research 
142010Induction of DNA Damage-Inducible Gene Gadd45 Beta Contributes to Sorafenib-Induced Apoptosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma CellsOU DA-LIANG; SHEN YING-CHUN; YU SUNG-LIANG; CHEN KUEN-FENG; YEH PEI-YEN; LIN LIANG-IN; HSU CHIUN; CHENG ANN-LIICANCER RESEARCH 
151998K-ras Codon 12 Mutation Determines the Polypoid Growth of Colorectal CancerChiang, Jy-Ming; Wu Chou, Yah-Huei; Chou, Tze-Bin Cancer Research 
162014Malignant phyllodes tumors display mesenchymal stem cell features and aldehyde dehydrogenase/disialoganglioside identify their tumor stem cellsLin, J.-J.; Huang, C.-S.; Yu, J.; Liao, G.-S.; Lien, H.-C.; Hung, J.-T.; Lin, R.-J.; Chou, F.-P.; Yeh, K.-T.; Yu, A.L.; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; HUANG-CHUN LIEN Breast Cancer Research 
172010MicroRNA-519c Suppresses Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1{alpha} Expression and Tumor AngiogenesisCHA, SHIH-TING; CHEN, PAI-SHENG; CHU, CHIA-YU; WANG, MING-YANG; JENG, YUNG-MING; YU, SUNG-LIANG; CHEN, JIN-SHING; CHANG, KING-JEN; JEE, SHIOU-HWA; TAN, CHING-TING; LIN, MING-TSAN; KUO, MIN-LIANG; 查詩婷; 陳百昇; 朱家瑜; 王明暘; 鄭永銘; 俞松良; 陳晉興; 張金堅; 紀秀華; 譚慶鼎; 林明燦; 郭明良CANCER RESEARCH 
182011miRNA-34b as a tumor suppressor in estrogen-dependent growth of breast cancer cellsSUNG-LIANG YU; CHAO-CHI HO; HUEI-WEN CHEN Breast Cancer Research 
192008A novel diterpene suppresses CWR22Rv1 tumor growth in vivo through antiproliferation and proapoptosisLin, Feng-Min; Tsai, Chin-Hsien; Yang, Yu-Chih; Tu, Wei-Chun; Chen, Li-Ru; Liang, Yun-Sa; Wang, Sheng-Yang; Shyur, Lie-Fen; Chien, Shih-Chang; Cha, Tai-Lung; Hsiao, Pei-WenCancer Research 
202013Novel sorafenib analogues induce apoptosis through SHP-1 dependent STAT3 inactivation in human breast cancer cellsKuen-Feng Chen Breast Cancer Research