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12009A post-processing method for correction and enhancement of chemical shift imagesYu-Che Cheng; Jyh-Horng Chen; Tsu-Tsuen Wang; Ta-Te Lin.; JYH-HORNG CHEN ; Lin, Ta-Te Magnetic Resonance Imaging 22
22015Acoustic-integrated dynamic MR imaging for a patient with obstructive sleep apneaTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIHMagnetic Resonance Imaging 44
32004Bacterial pyomyositis: MRI and clinical correlationYu, CW; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH; CHAO-YU HSU; Hsiao, JK; CHIH-WEI YU; Hsu, CY; Shih, TTFMagnetic Resonance Imaging 5042
42016Breath-hold spin echosequence for assessing liver iron contentYang, J.C.-T.; Lu, M.-Y.; Jaw, F.-S.; Peng, S.S.-F.; Shih, T.T.-F.; Yang, Justin Cheng-Ta; Lu, Meng-Yao; Jaw, Fu-Shan; Peng, Steven Shinn-Forng; Shih, Tiffany Ting-FangMagnetic Resonance Imaging 00
52002Detectability of blood oxygenation level-dependent signal changes during short breath hold durationCHIEN-TE WUMagnetic Resonance Imaging 3840
62009Effects of interpolation methods in spatial normalization of diffusion tensor imaging data on group comparison of fractional anisotropyChao, T.-C.; Chou, M.-C.; Yang, P.; Chung, H.-W.; Wu, M.-T.; HSIAO-WEN CHUNG Magnetic Resonance Imaging 3330
72014Effects of RF profile on precision of quantitative T2 mapping using dual-echo steady-state acquisitionWu, P.-H.; Cheng, C.-C.; Wu, M.-L.; Chao, T.-C.; Chung, H.-W.; Huang, T.-Y.; HSIAO-WEN CHUNG Magnetic Resonance Imaging 22
82005Erratum: Bacterial pyomyositis: MRI and clinical correlation (Magnetic Resonance Imaging (2004) 22 (1233-1241) DOI: 10.1016/j.mri.2004.08.005)TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH; CHAO-YU HSU; CHIH-WEI YUMagnetic Resonance Imaging 00
92004Intermolecular double-quantum coherence MR microimaging of pig tail with unique image contrastHou, T.; Chen, Z.; Hwang, D. W.; Zhong, J. H.; Hwang, L. P.Magnetic Resonance Imaging 
102007Maturation-dependent microstructure length scale in the corpus callosum of fixed rat brains by magnetic resonance diffusion-diffractionJun-Cheng Weng; Jyh-Horng Chen; Li-Wei Kuo; Van J. Wedeen; Wen-Yih Isaac Tseng; JYH-HORNG CHEN Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1615
112013Parotid perfusion in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients in early-to-intermediate stage after low-dose intensity-modulated radiotherapy: Evaluated by fat-saturated dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imagingCheng, C.-C.; Chiu, S.-C.; Jen, Y.-M.; Chang, H.-C.; Chung, H.-W.; Liu, Y.-J.; Chiu, H.-C.; Chen, C.-Y.; Huang, G.-S.; Juan, C.-J.; HSIAO-WEN CHUNG Magnetic Resonance Imaging 87
122016Proton MR spectroscopy of normal breasts: Association of risk factors for breast cancer with water and lipid composition of the breastTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH; Wang, Jane; Wang, Ming-Yang; Kuo, Wen-Hung; Chen, Kuan-Lin; Shih, Tiffany Ting-FangMagnetic Resonance Imaging 22
132011Simple mobile single-sided NMR apparatus with a relatively homogeneous B(0) distributionChang, Wei-Hao; Chung, Chau-Yi; Chen, Jyh-Horng ; Hwang, Dennis W.; Hsu, Chao-Hsiung; Yao, Ching; Hwang, Lian-PinMagnetic Resonance Imaging 34
142010Single-sided mobile NMR apparatus using the transverse flux of a single permanent magnetWei-Hao Chang; Jyh-Horng Chen; Lian-Pin Hwang; JYH-HORNG CHEN Magnetic Resonance Imaging 97
152006Single-Sided Mobile NMR with a Halbach MagnetChang, WH; Chen, JH; Hwang, LPMagnetic Resonance Imaging 
162006Single-sided mobile NMR with a Halbach magnetWei-Hao Chang; Jyh-Horng Chen; Lian-Pin Hwang; JYH-HORNG CHEN Magnetic Resonance Imaging 3634
172001Water dynamics on MCM-41 surfaceHwang, L. -P.; Hwang, D. W.; Sinha, A. K.; Yu, T. -Y.; Cheng, C. -Y.Magnetic Resonance Imaging