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12010A 90-D Toxicity study of monascus-fermented products including high citrinin levelTZU-MING PAN Journal of Food Science 2424
22011A Rapid LC/MS/MS Method for the Analysis of Nonvolatile Antiinflammatory Agents fromMenthasppShen, D.; Pan, M.-H.; Wu, Q.-L.; Park, C.-H.; Juliani, H.R.; Ho, C.-T.; Simon, J.E.; MIN-HSIUNG PAN Journal of Food Science 1016
32009Amino acid and mineral composition of protein and other components and their recovery yields from whole antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) using isoelectric solubilization/precipitationChen, Y.-C.; Tou, J.C.; Jaczynski, J.; YI-CHEN CHEN Journal of Food Science 8881
41994Breaking Stress and Syneresis of Rennin Curds from Reconstiued Skim Milk Frozen Concentrate林慶文; Heish C. H.; 蘇和平; Lin, Chin-Wen; Su, Hou-PinJournal of Food Science 
52008Calcium bioavailability of nanonized pearl powder for adultsChen, H.-S.; Chang, J.-H.; Wu, J. S.-B.Journal of Food Science 3236
62002Characterization of polysaccharide and volatile compounds produced by kefir grains grown in soymilkLiu, JR; Chen, MJ; Lin, CWJournal of Food Science 3328
72002Characterization of polysaccharide and volatile compounds produced by kefir grains grown in soymilkJE-RUEI LIU Journal of Food Science 3328
82002Characterization of polysaccharide and volatile compounds produced by kefir grains grown in soymilkMING-JU CHEN Journal of Food Science 3328
92011Composition of Flavonoids and Phenolic Acids in Lychee (Litchi ChinensisSonn.) Flower Extracts and Their Antioxidant Capacities Estimated with Human LDL, Erythrocyte, and Blood ModelsChen, Y.-C.; Lin, J.-T.; Liu, S.-C.; Lu, P.-S.; Yang, D.-J.; YI-CHEN CHEN Journal of Food Science 2826
101986Concentration of Perilla Anthocyanins by UltrafiltrationChung, Mei-Yuh; Hwang, Lucy-Sun; Chiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science 1512
111997Culture filtrates from a fermented rice product (Lao-Chao) and their effects on milk curd firmnessLin, C.-W.; Yu, R.-C.; Chen, H.-L.; Chen, S.-L.; ROCH-CHUI YU Journal of Food Science 33
121992Deacidification of Passion Fruit Juice by ElectrodialysisChiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science 
131993Drying Temperature and Time Affect Quality of Chinese-Style Sausage Inocultated with Lactic Acid BacteriaHuang, Chia-Cherng; 林慶文; Huang, Chia-Cherng; Lin, Chin-WenJournal of Food Science 
141990Effect of Frozen Storage and Other Processing Factors on the Quality of SurimiHsu, Shun-Yao Journal of Food Science 1210
152009Effect of guava (Psidium guajava L.) leaf extract on the promotion of glucose uptake in rat hepatocytesCheng, Fang-Chi; Shen, Szu-Chuan; Wu, James Swi-BeaJournal of Food Science 
161992Effect of Heating Time, Storage Temperature, Heavy Metal Ions Presence, pH Reduction and Cysteine Addition on Nonenzymatic Browning in Guava Necctar吳瑞碧; Chen, C. O.; Wu, James Swi-Bea; Chen, C. O.Journal of Food Science 
171991Effect of Salt Concentration, pH and Temperature on Activity of Pectinesterase from Pear Cultivar Guava FruitChen, J. D.; 吳瑞碧; Wu, U. S.; Chen, J. D.; Wu, James Swi-Bea; Wu, U. S.Journal of Food Science 
181993Egg White Lysozyme Pruification by Ultrafltration and Affinity Chromatography.Chiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science 
192006Enhancement of omega-3 fatty acid content in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) filletsChen, Y.C.; Nguyen, J.; Semmens, K.; Beamer, S.; Jaczynski, J.; YI-CHEN CHEN Journal of Food Science 3126
202003Evaluation of a polymerase chain reaction-based system for detecting Salmonella species from pork carcass sponge samplesWu, C.-C.; Liu, C.-I.; Tsai, C.-E.; Yeh, K.-S.; KUANG-SHENG YEH Journal of Food Science 33