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11995Cost Effectiveness of Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution ControlPEI-ING WU journal article
21994Distortions of Pubic Agricultural Investment Incentives by Farm Programs:The Case of Agricultural Research張靜貞; McCarl, B. A.; Chang, Ching-Chengjournal article
32013Factors Affecting Consumers' Trust toward Food Safety Certification with Threat of Avian Influenza Outbreak in Taiwan: Evidence from Taipei MetropolitansKANG ERNEST LIU journal article00
42002Food Demand in Urban China and its Implications for Agricultural Trade: Model Selection Based on ForecastingKANG ERNEST LIU journal article
52012Is Demand for Foods Heterogeneous in Urban China? Evidence from Household Data of Three Coastal ProvincesKANG ERNEST LIU journal article00
62005Semi-Parametric and Parametric Estimations and Tests of Adoption: An Application to Bovine Somatotropin TechnologyHUNG-HAO CHANG journal article
71995Systematical Analysis of Complex Environmental Policies: A Contingent Valuation ExperimentPEI-ING WU journal article
82006Using Spline Function to Reexamine the Operation Performance and Merger Effects of Farmers’ Credit Unions周百隆; 吳榮杰 ; 陳葦峻journal article
92016不同類型土壤及地下水污染場址外溢效果之評估——那種場址對房產價值減損最大?PEI-ING WU journal article00
102009京都機制下排放減量權證價格之經濟分析林國慶; 柳婉郁journal article
112013健康風險認知與快樂程度對抽菸行為之影響-論抽菸行為的理性與感性PEI-ING WU journal article00
122007全民造林政策之執行成果與政策分析林國慶; 柳婉郁; Lin, K.C.; Liu, W.Y.journal article
13-兩岸稻米競爭力分析蕭清仁; 李瓊映journal article
142002兩岸稻米競爭力分析蕭清仁; 李瓊映; Show, C.R.; Li, C.Y.journal article
15-加入WTO甜柿進口衝擊及關稅配額管理方案之研究李順成; 孫毓良journal article
162002加入WTO甜柿進口衝擊及關稅配額管理方案之研究李順成; 孫毓良; Lee, S.C.; Sun, Y.L.journal article
172012口蹄疫前後臺灣養豬連續記帳戶之成本效率分析陳柏琪; 黃玉鴻; 莊正旺; 張靜貞; Chen, P.C.; Huang, Y.H.; Juang, J.W.; Chang, C.C.journal article
181996台北市家計單位水產品需求之研究陳明健journal article
192016台北市與新北市各行政區之淹水損失地圖——空間分量特徵價格迴歸之評估PEI-ING WU journal article
202010台灣漁會每薪點支付金額與盈餘之研究黃芳玫 ; 張竣翔; 吳珮瑛 journal article; journal article00