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12007The 5' untranslated region of Perina nuda virus (PnV) possesses a strong internal translation activity in baculovirus-infected insect cellsWu, Tzong-Yuan; Wu, Chih-Yu; Chen, Ying-Ju; Chen, Chung-Yung; Wang, Chung-HsiungFEBS Letters 581: 3120–3126 
21987The Amino-terminal Sequences of Four Major Carp γ-Crystallin Polypeptides and Their Homology with Frog and Calf γ-Crystallins邱式鴻; Chen, S. W.; Lo, T. B.; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Chen, S. W.FEBS Letters 
31986The amino-terminal sequences of four major carp γ-crystallin polypeptides and their homology with frog and calf γ-crystallinsChiou, Shyh-Horng; Chen, Shun-Wen; Lo, Tung-BinFEBS Letters 2324
42010Binding and catalysis of Humulus lupulus adenylate isopentenyltransferase for the synthesis of isopentenylated diadenosine polyphosphatesChu, Hsing-Mao; Chen, Feng-Yuan; Ko, Tzu-Ping; Wang, Andrew H-JFEBS Letters 24
51986Biochemical comparison of γ-crystallins from duck and frog eye lensesChiou, Shyh-Horng; Chang, Wen-Chang; Kuo, Jane; Pan, Fu-Ming; Lo, Tung-BinFEBS Letters 1925
61986Biochemical Comparison of ε-Crystallins from the Duck and Frog Eye Lenses邱式鴻; Chang, W. C.; Kuo, J.; Pan, F. M.; 羅銅壁; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Chang, W. C.; Kuo, J.; Lo, Tung-BinFEBS Letters 
71989Characterization of gamma-crystallins from eye lenses of shark: closer structural similarity to mammalian than other piscine gamma-crystallins?Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Chiou, Shyh-HorngFEBS Letters 
81989Characterization of γ-Crystallins from Eye Lenses of Shark:Closer Structural Similarity to Mammalian Than Other Piscine-γ-Crystallins?Chiou, Shyh-HorngFEBS Letters 
91991Co-Amplification and Overe-Xpression of Two Mdr Genes in a Multidrugresistant Human Colon Carcinoma Cell LineChao, C. C. K.; Ma, C. M.; 林淑端; Lin-Chao, SueFEBS Letters 
101991Comparison of the gamma-crystallins isolated from eye lenses of shark and carp. Unique secondary and tertiary structure of shark gamma-crystallinChiou, Shyh-Horng; Chen, S. W.; Itoh, T.; Kaji, H.; Samejima, T.; Chen, S. W.; Kaji, H.FEBS Letters 
111991Comparison of the γ-Crystallins Isolated from Eye Lenses of Shark and Carp:Unique Secondary and Tertiary Structure of Shark γ-crystallin邱式鴻; Chen, S. W.; Itoh, T.; Kaji, H.; Samejima, T.; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Chen, S. W.; Kaji, H.; Samejima, T.FEBS Letters 
122009Corrigendum to “Individual and common inhibitors of coronavirus and picornavirus main proteases” [FEBS Lett. 583 (2009) 549–555]Kuo, Chih-Jung; Liu, Hun-Ge; Lo, Yueh-Kuei; Seong, Churl-Min; Lee, Kee-In; Jung, Young-Sik; Liang, Po-HuangFEBS Letters 
132003Disabled-2 Small Interfering Rna Modulates Cellular Adhesive Function and Mapk Activity during Megakaryocytic Differentiation of K562 CellsTseng, Ching-Ping; Huang, Chien-Ling; Huang, Ching-Hui; Cheng, Ju-Chien; Stern, Arnold; Tseng, Chin-HsiaoFEBS LETTERS 
141991The effects of glucocorticoid hormone on the expression of c-junLee, Heng; Shaw, Yueh-Tsern; Chiou, Shean-Tai; Chang, Wen-Chang; Lai, Ming-DergFEBS Letters 
151992Facile Synthesis of Chiral 2-Hydroxy Acids Catalyzed by a Stable Duck ?-Crystallin with Endogenous L-lactate Dehydrogenase ActivityWu, C. Y.; Chen, S. T.; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Wu, C. Y.; Chen, S. T.; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Wang, K. T.FEBS Letters 
161992Facile synthesis of chiral 2-hydroxy acids catalyzed by a stable duck ε-crystallin with endogenous L-lactate dehydrogenase activityWu, Chi-Yue; Chen, Shui-Tein; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Wang, Kung-TsungFEBS Letters 
171992Fasile Synthesis of ChiralChiou, S. H.; Wang, Kung-Tsung; Wu, C. Y.; Chen, S. T.; Chiou, S. H.; ������FEBS Letters 
181998Identification and Subcellular Localization of a Novel Cu,Zn Superoxide Dismutase of Mycobacterium TuberculosisWU, CHUNG-HSUN; TSAI-WU, JYY-JIH; HUANG, YUNG-TZUNG; LIN, CHING-YI; LIOUA, GUNN-GUANG; LEE, FANG-JEN, SFEBS LETTERS 
191989Loss of Inducible Photorepair in a Frog Cell Mutant Hypersensitive to Solar Ultraviolet-Caused Nondimer DNA DamagesChao, C. C. K.; 林淑端; Lin-Chao, SueFEBS Letters 
201989A Novel Crystallin from Octopus LensChiou, Shyh-HorngFEBS Letters