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12014A potent antimicrobial peptide derived from the protein LsGRP1 of LiliumLin, C.-H.; Chang, M.-W.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Phytopathology 77
21985Alteration of nuclear RNA polymerase II in a compatible maize-Heminthosporium spp. InteractionWu, C.; Warren, H. L.; Tsai, C. Y.Phytopathology 
32014Characterization of the dual subcellular localization of Lilium LsGRP1, a plant class II glycine-rich proteinLin, C.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Phytopathology 87
41998Comparison of ambisense M RNA of watermelon silver mottle virus with other TospovirusesFANG-HUA CHU Phytopathology 2323
52001Completion of the genome sequence of Watermelon silver mottle virus and utilization of degenerate primers for detecting tospoviruses in five serogroupsFANG-HUA CHU Phytopathology 8277
62017Determinants of virulence and in-vitro development colocalize on a genetic map of Setosphaeria turcicaSantiago Xavier Mideros; Chia-Lin Chung; Tyr Wiesner-Hanks; Jesse Poland; Dongliang Wu; Ariel A Fialko; Gillian Turgeon; Rebecca Nelson; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Phytopathology 411
71994Development and application of cloned DNA probes for a mycoplasmalike organism associated with sweetpotato witches'-broomKo, H.C.; Lin, C.P.; CHAN-PIN LIN Phytopathology 2120
81984Early events of gene expression in compatible maize-Heminthosporium spp. InteractionsWu, C.; Warren, H. L.; Tsai, C. Y.Phytopathology 
92009Evaluation of genetic diversity among 'candidatus liberibacter asiaticus' isolates collected in Southeast AsiaTomimura, K.; Miyata, S.-I.; Furuya, N.; Kubota, K.; Okuda, M.; Sub; iyah, S.; Hung, T.-H.; Su, H.-J.; Iwanami, T.; TING-HSUAN HUNG Phytopathology 5145
102008Evidence of induced systemic resistance against Botrytis elliptica in lilyLiu, Y. H.; Huang, C. J.; Chen, C. Y.; Liu, Y. H.; CHAO-YING CHEN ; Huang, C. J.; Chen, C. Y.Phytopathology 3126
112000Heteroduplex mobility and sequence analyses for assessment of variability of Zucchini yellow mosaic virusSHIH-SHUN LIN Phytopathology 2322
121987The induction and role of a polysome-associated protein in plants responding to pathogen infection or heat shockWu, C. H.; Warren, H. L.; Tsai, C. Y.; Lyda, S. D.Phytopathology 
132010Mealybug transmission of grapevine leafroll viruses: An analysis of virus-vector specificityCHI-WEI TSAI Phytopathology 10589
142007Modifications of the helper component-protease of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus for generation of attenuated mutants for cross protection against severe infectionLin, S.-S.; Wu, H.-W.; Jan, F.-J.; Hou, R.F.; Yeh, S.-D.; SHIH-SHUN LIN Phytopathology 5351
151987Nutrient interactions with stalk rot of maizeWarren, H. L.; Huber, D. M.; Tsai, C. Y.Phytopathology 
161993Phenylpropanoid accumulation and leasion development during symptom expression in the lethal leaf spot mutant of maizeObanni, M.; Hipskind, J.; Tsai, C. Y.; Nicholson, R. L.; Dunkle, L. D.Phytopathology 
171989Predisposition of late emerging corn plants to ear rotting fungiHuber, D. M.; Warren, H. L.; Roseman, T. S.; Tsai, C. Y.Phytopathology 
181983The Relation of Trifluralin to Collar Rot of Texas Gourd Caused by Fusarium Solani f. sp. Cucurbitae余淑美; Templeton, G. E.; Yu, Su-May; Templeton, G. E.phytopathology 
192001Serological and molecular characterization of Peanut chlorotic fan-spot virus, a new species of the genus TospovirusSHIH-SHUN LIN Phytopathology 5347
202001Serological and molecular characterization of Peanut chlorotic fan-spot virus, a new species of the genus TospovirusFANG-HUA CHU Phytopathology 5347