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12016Cul3-KLHL20 Ubiquitin Ligase Governs the Turnover of ULK1 and VPS34 Complexes to Control Autophagy TerminationLiu, Chin-Chih; Lin, Yu-Ching; Chen, Yu-Hsuan ; Chen, Chun-Ming; Pang, Liang-Yu; Chen, Hsuan-An; Wu, Pei-Rung; Lin, Mei-Yao; Jiang, Si-Tse; Tsai, Ting-Fen; Chen, Ruey-HwaMol. Cell 93127
22007GATA-1 and Gfi-1B Interplay to Regulate Bcl-xL Transcription. GATA-1 and Gfi-1B Interplay to Regulate Bcl-xL Transcription.Kuo, YY; Chang, ZFMol Cell Biol 
31987Molecular-cloning and genetic-analysis of the suppressor-of-white-apricot locus from Drosophila-melanogaster.Zachar Z; Garza D; Chou TB; Goland J; Bingham PMMol Cell Biol 
42007Pleomorphic extra-renal manifestation of the glomerular podocyte marker podocalyxin in tissues of normal beagle dogs. Histochem.Lin, W.-L.; Pang, V.F.; Liu, C.-H.; Chen, J.-Y.; Shen, K.-F.; Lin, Y.-Y.; Yu, C.-Y.; Hsu, Y.-H.; Jou, T.-S.Cell Biol 
52003Regulation of Focal Adhesion Kinase by its Amino-Terminal Domain through an Autoinhibitory InteractionLee Ann Cooper*, Tang-Long Shen*; Jun-Lin Guan (* equal contribution)Mol. Cell. Biol 135136
61992SRN1, a yeast gene involved in RNA processing , is identical to HEX2/REG1, a negative regulator in glucose repression.Tung, KS; Norbeck, LL; Nolan, SL; Atkinson, NS; Hopper, AKMol Cell Biol 
72000Stat5 is essential for the myelo- and lymphoproliferative disease induced by TEL/JAK2Schwaller, Juerg; Parganas, Evan; Wang, Demin; Cain, Danielle; Aster, Jon C.; Williams, Ifor R.; Lee, Chien-kuo; Gerthner, Rachel; Kitamura, Toshio; Frantsve, Julie; Anastasiadou, Ema; Loh, Mignon L.; Levy, David E.; Ihle, James N.; Gilliland, D. GaryMol. Cell 
82007Subcellular transport of EKLF and switch-on of the murine adult maj globin genetranscription.Shyu, Y.-C.; Lee, T.-L.; Wen, S.-C.; Chen, H.; Chen, X.; Hwang, J.-L.; Shen, C.-K. J.Mol. Cell. Biol 
92005Sumoylation of p45/NF-E2: Nuclear positioning and transcriptional activation of the mammalian beta-like globin gene locus.Shyu, Y. C.; Lee, T. L.; Ting, C. Y.; Wen, S. C.; Hsieh, L. J.; Li, Y. C.; Hwang, J. L.; Lin, C. C.; Shen, C.-K. J.Mol. Cell. Biol