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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12012Coup d'oeil of spermPEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article00
22002Cross-linking of ZP2 and ZP3 by transglutaminase is required for the formation of the outer layer of fertilization envelope of carp eggChang, Yea-Sha; Wang, Yu-Wen; Huang, Fore-Lien
32002Differential cytoplast requirement for embryonic and somatic cell nuclear transfer in cattleLI-YING SUNG journal article4941
42004Differential Development of Rabbit Embryos Derived from Parthenogenesis and Nuclear TransferLI-YING SUNG journal article1716
51999Differential display screening for specific gene expression induced by dietary nonsteroidal estrogenHsu, Jih-Tay ; Jean, Tzu-Chao; Chan, May-Al; Ying, Chingwenjournal article0
61995Dissection of the torso signal transduction pathway in DrosophilaTZE-BIN CHOU journal article2523
72000Electroporated sperm mediation of a gene transfer system for finfish and shellfishTsai, Huai-Jen030
82000Expression, immunolocalization and sperm-association of a protein derived from 24p3 gene in mouse epididymisChu, Sin-Tak; Lee, Ying-Chu; Nein, Kuang-Ming; Chen, Yee-Hsiung3329
92002Fibroin-like substance is a major component of the outer layer of fertilization envelope via which carp egg adheres to the substratumChang, Yea-Sha; Huang, Fore-Lien
102009Gene expression profiling of single bovine embryos uncovers significant effectsof in vitro maturation, fertilization and cultureLI-YING SUNG ; Smith, S.L.; Everts, R.E.; Sung, L-Y.; Du, F.; Page, R.L.; Henderson, B.; Rodriguez-Zas, S.L.; Nedambale, T.L.; Renard, J.P.; Lewin, H.A.; Yang, X.; Tian, X.Cjournal article4538
112001Molecular Cloning of Full-Length Cdna Encoding Delta-9 Desaturase through Pcr Strategies and Its Genomic Organization and Expression in Grass Carp.CHANG, BEI-EN; �i�ʮ�
121997Prolactin receptor expression in the developing mouse embryoShiang-Jong Tzengjournal article0
132001Secretory origin and temporal appearance of the porcine β-microseminoprotein (sperm motility inhibitor) in the boar reproductive systemJeng, Hellen; Chu, Hsing-Hui; Cheng, Winston T.K.; Chang, Wen-Chang; Su, Shuen-Jiing
142000Transfer of foreign gene to giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) by spermatophore-microinjectionLi, Si-Shen; Tsai, Huai-Jen1616
151999Two distinct c-ski cDNAs of fish, tilapia (Oreochromis aurea)Huang, Chiu-Ju; Lin, Jer-Young; Tsai, Huai-Jen1110