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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12011A depth information based fast mode decision algorithm for color plus depth-map 3D videosLin, Y.-H.; Wu, J.-L.; JA-LING WU IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 3327
22011A digital blind watermarking for depth-image-based rendering 3D imagesLin, Y.-H.; Wu, J.-L.; JA-LING WU IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 10086
32007A priority selected cache algorithm for video relay in streaming applicationsChang, Shin-Hung; Chang, Ray-I; Ho, Jan-Ming; Oyang, Yen-Jen; RAY-I CHANG ; Oyang, Yen-Jen IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 78
41999Broadband hybrid analog/digital CATV trunk networkLee, J.-P.; Tsao, S.-L.; Tsao, H.-W.; HEN-WAI TSAO IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 00
52016Dynamic Resource Allocation and Advertisement Revenue Optimization for TV Over eMBMSRafael Kaliski; Hung-Yu Wei; HUNG-YU WEI IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 32
62016Dynamic Resource Allocation Framework for MooD (MBMS Operation On-Demand)Rafael Kaliski; Ching-Chun Chou; Hsiang-Yun Meng; Hung-Yu Wei; HUNG-YU WEI IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 67
72009Is FM a RF-based positioning solution in a metropolitan-scale environment? A probabilistic approach with radio measurements analysisFang, Shih-Hau; Chen, Jen-Chian; Huang, Hao-Ru; Lin, Tsung-Nan; TSUNG-NAN LIN IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 4852
81998Optimal Real-time Admission Control Algorithms for the Video-On-Demand (VOD) ServiceLin, F.Y.S.IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 
92008Optimization of Hybridized Error Concealment for H.264Huang, Shih-Chia; Kuo, Sy-YenIEEE Transaction on Broadcasting 
102006Performance of Noncoherent Maximum-Likelihood Sequence Detection for Differential OFDM Systems With Diversity ReceptionLin, Ding-Bing; Chiang, Ping-Hung; Li, Hsueh-JyhIEEE Transactions on Broadcast 
112004Providing Source Filtering in IP Multicast Group ManagementWanjiun Liao; De-Nian Yang; WANJIUN LIAO IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 
121998Real-time multimedia broadcasting via direct-detection fiber-optic synchronous CDMA networksLiu, M.-Y.; Tsao, H.-W.; HEN-WAI TSAO IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 21
132004Receiver-Initiated Group Membership Protocol (RGMP): A New Group Management Protocol for IP MulticastingLiao, Wanjiun ; Yang, De-NianIEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 
142006Source Filtering in IP Multicast RoutingDe-Nian Yang; Wanjiun Liao; Chang-Jung Kao; WANJIUN LIAO IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 23
152007The Contention Behavior of DOCSIS in CATV NetworksKai-Chien Chang; Wanjiun Liao; WANJIUN LIAO IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 109