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12018Diagnostic accuracy of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living for dementia in community-dwelling older adultsHUI-FEN MAO; Chang, Ling Hui; Tsai, Athena Yi Jung; Huang, Wen Ni Wennie; Tang, Li Yu; Lee, Huey Jane; Sun, Yu; TA-FU CHEN; Lin, Ker Neng; Wang, Pei Ning; Shyu, Yea Ing Lotus; Chiu, Ming JangAge and Ageing 1015
22018Effects of resistance training, endurance training and whole-body vibration on lean body mass, muscle strength and physical performance in older people: A systematic review and network meta-analysisTYNG-GUEY WANGAge and Ageing 2348
31998Inter-rater reliability and validity of the Action Research arm test in stroke patientsI-PING HSUEH; CHING-LIN HSIEHAge and Ageing 159165
42017Is sarcopenia associated with depression? A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studiesDER-SHENG HANAge and Ageing 4373
51999Mortality Trends of Elderly People in Taiwan from 1974 to 1994LEUNG, KAI-KUEN; TANG, LI -YU; CHIE, WEI- CHUAGE AND AGEING 
61999Mortality trends of elderly people in Taiwan from 1974 to 1994BEE-HORNG LUE ; Leung, K.K.; LONG-TENG LEE ; Tang, L.Y.; WEI-CHU CHIE ; Chie, W.C.; Lue, B.H.; Lee, L.T.Age and Ageing 88
72000Seasonal effects on cardiovascular mortality in older patients [6]CHUNG-JEN YENAge and Ageing 
82000Seasonal effects on cardiovascular mortality in older patients [6]WEN-JONE CHENAge and Ageing 
92000Seasonal effects on cardiovascular mortality in older patients [6]CHIA-LUN CHAO Age and Ageing 
102008The association between urinary albumin excretion and ankle-brachial index in elderly Taiwanese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitusCHIN-HSIAO TSENG; TSENG, CHIN-HSIAO; CHONG, CHOON-KHIM; TSENG, CHING-PING; TAI, TONG-YUAN; TSENG, CHIN- HSIAOAge and Ageing 1513