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11992Behavior Therapy for Adult Trichotillomania:Report of One CaseLee, Yue-Joe; Lee, Ming-BeenChinese Psychiatry 
21991Chlorpromazine-Induced Hepatitis:Report of a CaseLee, Ming-Been; Lee, Yue-JoeChinese Psychiatry 
31994Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument (CCASI):a Pretest of the Tool in a Cross-Cultural Study of DementiaChang, C. J.; Wu, S. C.; Lin, H. N.; 葉炳強; Cheng, T. A.; 葉英??; Waang, J. L.; Lin, R. S.; Liang, J.; Lin, H. N.; Yip, Ping-Keung; Cheng, T. A.; Yeh, Eeng-Kung; Waang, J. L.Chinese Psychiatry 
41987Coping Strategies and Associated Psychosocial Features of the Hospitalized Medically Ill.Lee, Yue-JoeChinese Psychiatry 
51988Correlates of Reading Achievement in Chinese:Prevalence Rate of the Reading Disabled School Children徐澄清; Hsien, F. J.; Soong, Wei-Tsuen; Hsu, Chen-Chin; Soong, Wei-TsuenChinese Psychiatry 
61988Correlates of Reading Achievement in Logographic Writing System:Cognitive Function徐澄清; Hsieh, F. J.; Hsu, Chen-Chin; Hsieh, F. J.Chinese Psychiatry 
71990A Cross-Sectional epidemiological Study of Psychiatric Comorbidity in Hospitalized Medically Ill.Lee, Ming-Been; Lee, Yue-Joe; 李明濱; Lee, Yue-JoeChinese Psychiatry 
81989A Descriptive Clinical Study on AlcoholismChen, Chu-ChangChinese Psychiatry 
91995The establishment of an interview schedule for psychopathology of alcoholism: Inter-rater reliability and procedure validityLin, LS; Hwu, HG; Soong, WT; Yeh, LL; Chang, C; Chang, SH; Lin, ST; Wang, JD; Hsu, MT; Chen, CCChinese Psychiatry 
101990Factitious Disorder:A Case Report李宇宙; Hsieh, F. J.; Lee, Yue-Joe; Hsieh, F. J.Chinese Psychiatry 
111994Family Interaction of School Phobic ChineseSOONG Wei-TsuenChinese Psychiatry 
121989A Follow-Up Study of Psychiatric Outpatients with Neurotic Disorders:Outcome and Psychosocial PredictorsLee, Ming-Been; 李明濱; Rin, H; Lin, H. N.Chinese Psychiatry 
131994General development of children of schizophrenic patients: a comparative study蕭淑貞; 宋維村; SHIAU, SHU-JEN; SOONG, WEI-TSUENCHINESE PSYCHIATRY 
141990Hypochondriasis:A Clinical Comparison Study with Generalized Anxiety Disorder李宇宙; Lee, M. B.; Lee, Yue-JoeChinese Psychiatry 
151994Hysteria Manifesting As Psychosis and Conversion:A Case ReportWu, Cheng-Chung; Lee, Ming-Been; Lee, Yue-Joe; 曾美智Chinese Psychiatry 
161990Mental Disorders in Three Types of Taiwan Community: Urbanization Hypothesis Retested.Eng-Kung Yeh; Hai-Gwo Hwu; Ly-Yung ChangChinese Psychiatry 
171989Methodological Evaluation of Group Psychotherapy with Chinese Schoolchildren in Treatment of Adjustment Problems陳珠璋; Yeh, Li-Wei; Chen, Chu-Chang; Yeh, Li-WeiChinese Psychiatry 
181990Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus As Seen in Neuropsychiatric Consultation吳瑞美; Lee, M. B.; Chen, R. C.; Wu, Rueg-MeeiChinese Psychiatry 
191989Organic Mental Disorders in General Hospital:Prevalence, Clinical Manifestations, and Psychatric RefferalsLee, Ming-Been; Tsai, L.; Lee, Y. J.; 李明濱; Tsai, L.; Lee, M. B.; Lee, Y. J.; Hsu, C. C.Chinese Psychiatry 
201987Patterns of Sex and Age Difference at First Visit for Psychiatric Out-Patients:Changes Over a Period of 21 YearsLin, HsienChinese Psychiatry