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12006Antitumor Effects of a Novel Phenylbutyrate-Based Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor, (S)-HDAC-42, in Prostate CancerKulp, Samuel K.; Chen, Chang-Shi; Wang, Da-Sheng; Chen, Ching-Yu; Chen, Ching-ShihClinical Cancer Research 
22011Changes in Tumor Density in Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treated with SunitinibFaivre, S.; Zappa, M.; Vilgrain, V.; Boucher, E.; Douillard, J.-Y.; Lim, H. Y.; Kim, J. S.; Im, S.-A.; Kang, Y.-K.; Bouattour, M.; Dokmak, S.; Dreyer, C.; Sablin, M.-P.; Serrate, C.; Cheng, A.-L.; 鄭安理Clinical Cancer Research 6966
32005Characterization of Cebpa Mutations in Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Most Patients with Cebpa Mutations Have Biallelic Mutations and Show a Distinct Immunophenotype of the Leukemic CellsLIN, LIANG-IN; CHEN, CHIEN-YUAN; LIN, DONG-TSAMN; TSAY, WOEI; TANG, JIH-LUH; SHEN, HWEI-LING; YAO, MING; HUANG, SHENG-YI; TIEN, HWEI-FANGCLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 
42005Cyr61 Induces Gastric Cancer Cell Motility/Invasion Via Activation of the Integrin/Nuclear Factor-B/Cyclooxygenase-2 Signaling PathwayLIN, MING-TSAN; 李伯皇CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 
51999Direct Comparison of Liposomal Doxorubicin with or without Polyethylene Glycol Coating in C-26 Tumor-bearing Mice-Is Surface Coating with Polyethylene Glycol Beneficial?Hong, Ruey-Long; Huang, Chang-Jen; Tseng, Yun-Long; Pang, Victor Fei ; Chen, Shui-Tsung; Liu, Jun-Jen; Chang, Fu-HsiungClinical Cancer Research 
62006Distinct effects of ionizing radiation on in vivo murine kidney and brain normal tissue gene expressionZhao, Weiling; Chuang, Eric Y.; Mishra, Mark; Awwad, Rania; Bisht, Kheem; Sun, Lunching; Nguyen, Phuongmai; Pennington, J. Daniel; Wang, Tony Jau Cheng; Bradbury, C. Matthew; Huang, Lei; Chen, Zhijun; Bar-Sela, Gil; Robbins, Michael E.C.; Gius, DavidClinical Cancer Research 
72006Identification of Alpha-Enolase as an Autoantigen in Lung Cancer: Its Overexpression Is Associated with Clinical OutcomesCHANG, GEE-CHEN; LIU, KO-JIUNN; HSIEH, CHIA-LING; LUH, KWEN-TAY; HSU, LI-HAN; CHEN, CHIH-YI; CHEN, KUN-CHIEH; YANG, TSUNG-YING; CHOU, TEH-YI; WHANG-PENG, JACQUELINE; SHIH, NENG-YAOCLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 
82006A Novel Anticancer Effect of Thalidomide: Inhibition of Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1-Mediated Cell Invasion and Metastasis through Suppression of Nuclear Factor-Kappa BLIN, YI-CHUN; SHUN, CHIA-TUNG; WU, MING-SHIANG; CHEN, CHING-CHOWCLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 
92008Nuclear Receptor Interaction Protein (Nrip) Expression Assay Using Human Tissue Microarray and Immunohistochemistry Technology Confirming Nuclear LocalizationHan, Chih-Ping; Lee, Ming-Yung; Tzeng, Shu-Ling; Yao, Chung-Chin; Wang, Po-Hui; Cheng, Ya-Wen; Chen, Show-Li; 鄭雅文Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 3730
102004Phosphorylation/Cytoplasmic Localization of P2l(Cip1)/(Waf1) Is Associated with Her2/Neu Overexpression and Provides a Novel Combination Predictor for Poor Prognosis in Breast Cancer PatientsCHEN, JIN-SHINGCLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 
122005Taiwan Childhood HCC Study Group. Prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma by universal vaccination against hepatitis B virus: the effect and problemsChang, MH; Chen, THH; Hsu, HM; Wu, TC; Kong, MS; Liang, DC; Ni, YH; Chen, CJ; Chen, DSClinical Cancer Research 
132001Tumor Angiogenesis and Its Possible Role in Intravasation of Colorectal Epithelial CellsTIEN, YU-WEN; 李伯皇CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH