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11997Bile duct hamartomas: A report of two casesGUAN-TARN HUANG ; JIN-CHUAN SHEU ; DING-SHINN CHEN Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 2722
21988Carcinoma of the Gall Bladder from an Anomalous Connection Between the Bile Duct and the Pancreatic Duct林肇堂; 游憲章; Wang, T. H.; 侯書文; 陳定信; 許書劍(Hsu, Shu-Chien); Hsieh, F. J.; 王德宏(Wang, Teh-Hong); 林肇堂; 侯書文; Chen, Ding-Shinn; Hsieh, F. J.Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 
31988Carcinoma of the gallbladder from an anomalous connection between the bile duct and the pancreatic ductDING-SHINN CHEN Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 
41988Carcinoma of the Gallbladder from an Anomalous Connection between the Bile Duct and the Pancreatic DuctLIN, JAW-TOWN; YU, SENG-CHANG; HSU, SHU- CHIEN; WANG, TEH-HONG; HOW, SHU-WEN; CHEN, DING-SHINN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY 
52008Chromoendoscopy with narrow-band imaging for early stage multifocal squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus.Tsai, WC; Chen, PJ; Chao, YC; Tsao, YT.Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 11
62016Chronic Hepatitis B virus infectionDING-SHINN CHEN Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 2837
72003Clinicopathologic characteristics and prognoses of gastric cancer in patients with a positive familial history of cancerPO-HUANG LEE; I-RUE LAIJournal of Clinical Gastroenterology 2019
81996Clinicopathologic characteristics and prognosis of gastric stump cancerPO-HUANG LEE; CHIUNG-NIEN CHENJournal of Clinical Gastroenterology 1817
91995Clinicopathologic characteristics of helicobacter pyloric seropositive gastric adenocarcinomasCHIA-TUNG SHUNJournal of Clinical Gastroenterology 
102013Diabetes, insulin use, and gastric cancer: A population-based analysis of the TaiwaneseTseng, Chin-Hsiao; CHIN-HSIAO TSENGJournal of Clinical Gastroenterology 1416
111997Distinct clinicopathologic characteristics of diffuse-and intestinal- type gastric cancer in TaiwanMING-SHIANG WU; CHIA-TUNG SHUNJournal of Clinical Gastroenterology 1817
121995Early interferon therapy and abortion of posttransfusion hepatitis C viral infectionDING-SHINN CHEN Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 
131995Genotypes of hepatitis C virus in taiwan and the progression of liver diseaseDING-SHINN CHEN Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 
141991Hereditary Pancreatitis in a Chinese Family林肇堂; Wang, T. H.; 陳定信; Lin, Jaw-Town; Wang, T. H.; Chen, Ding-ShinnJournal of Clinical Gastroenterology 
152013Osteopontin promoter polymorphisms are associated with susceptibility to gastric cancerMING-SHIANG WU; Lee, Teng-Yu; Lin, Jaw-Town; Wu, Cheng-Chung; Yu, Cheng-Chan; Wu, Ming-Shiang; Lee, Tso-Ching; Chen, Hsiao-Ping; Wu, Chun-YingJournal of Clinical Gastroenterology 1514
161990Risk Factors for Gallstones among Chinese in Taiwan:a Community Sonographic SurveyChen, Chien-JenJournal of Clinical Gastroenterology 
172005The interaction of H. pylori infection and NSAIDs in cyclooxygenase-2 mRNA expression in gastric antral, corpus mucosa, and gastric ulcerMING-SHIANG WUJournal of Clinical Gastroenterology 
182008Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis induced by pegylated interferon alpha plus ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C [2]WEI-SHUN YANG ; CHEN-HUA LIUJournal of Clinical Gastroenterology 10