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12017Docosahexaenoic acid increases accumulation of adipocyte triacylglycerol through up-regulation of lipogenic gene expression in pigsHuang, C.-W.; Chen, Y.-J.; Yang, J.-T.; Chen, C.-Y.; Ajuwon, K.M.; Chen, S.-E.; Su, N.-W.; Chen, Y.-S.; Mersmann, H.J.; Ding, S.-T. Lipids in Health and Disease 710
22011Lipid-related residual risk and renal function for occurrence and prognosis among patients with first-event acute coronary syndrome and normal LDL cholesterolKUO-LIONG CHIEN Lipids in Health and Disease 22
31991Protein Kinase C is not Involved in the Desensitization of Platelet Activating Factor Receptor in Rabbit PlateletsChau, L. Y.Lipids