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12011Bacteraemia Caused by Weissella Confusa at a University Hospital in Taiwan , 1997-2007LEE, MENG-RUI; HUANG, YU-TSUNG; LIAO, CHUN-HSIN; LAI, CHIH-CHENG; LEE, PING-ING; HSUEH, PO-RENCLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTION 
22006Changes in Macrolide Resistance among Respiratory Pathogens after Decreased Erythromycin Consumption in TaiwanHSUEH, PO-REN; SHYR, JAINN-MING; WU, JIUNN-JONGCLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTION 
32004Chronological Evolution of Igm, Iga, Igg and Neutralisation Antibodies after Infection with Sars-Associated CoronavirusHSUEH, PO-REN; HUANG, LI-MIN; CHEN, PEI-JER; KAO, CHUAN-LIANG; YANG, PAN-CHYRCLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTION 
42005Pan-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa causing nosocomial infection at a university hospital in TaiwanHsueh, PR; Tseng; SP; Teng, LJ; Ho, SWClinical Microbiology and Infection