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12008Anemonin is a natural bioactive compound that can regulate tyrosinase-related proteins and mRNA in human melanocytesHuang, Y.-H.; Lee, T.-H.; Chan, K.-J.; Hsu, F.-L.; Wu, Y.-C.; Lee, M.-H.; TZONG-HUEI LEE Journal of Dermatological Science 3230
22015Association of STAT6 genetic variants with childhood atopic dermatitis in Taiwanese populationYUNG-LING LEE; Lee, Yungling Leo; Yen, Jeffrey Jong-Young; LI-CHUNG HSU ; Kuo, Nai-Wei; Su, Ming-Wei; Yang, Ming-Fong; Hsiao, Yu-Ping; Wang, I-Jen; Liu, Fu-TongJournal of Dermatological Science 1311