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12014A complete molecular diagnostic procedure for applications in surveillance and subtyping of avian influenza virusTseng, C.-H.; Tsai, H.-J.; Chang, C.-M.; HSIANG-JUNG TSAI BioMed Research International 66
22013Advanced MR imaging of gliomas: An updateKao, H.-W.; Chiang, S.-W.; Chung, H.-W.; Tsai, F.Y.; Chen, C.-Y.; HSIAO-WEN CHUNG BioMed Research International 6356
32015Association of Environmental Arsenic Exposure, Genetic Polymorphisms of Susceptible Genes, and Skin Cancers in TaiwanHsu, Ling-I; Wu, Meei-Maan; Wang, Yuan-Hung; Lee, Cheng-Yeh; Yang, Tse-Yen; Hsiao, Bo-Yu; Chen, Chien-JenBioMed Research International 2525
42015Computational Depth of Anesthesia via Multiple Vital Signs Based on Artificial Neural NetworksSHOU-ZEN FAN BioMed Research International 2221
52014Depletion of arginine by recombinant arginine deiminase induces nnos-activated neurotoxicity in neuroblastoma cellsKo, Chun-Jung; LI-JIUAN SHEN ; Lin, Shan-Erh; Wu, Fe-Lin Lin ; Huang, Cheng-Chung; Lin, Hsin-Ying; Wei, Ming-Feng; Juan, Chun-Pai; Lan, Shao-Wei; Shyu, Hsin-Yi; Wu, Shang-Ru; Hsiao, Pei-Wen; Shun, Chia-Tung; Lee, Ming-ShyueBioMed Research International 79
62014Enhanced amelioration of high-fat diet-induced fatty liver by docosahexaenoic acid and lysine supplementationsLin, H.-Y.; Chen, C.-C.; Chen, Y.-J.; Lin, Y.-Y.; Mersmann, H.J.; Ding, S.-T.; SHIH-TORNG DING BioMed Research International 2018
72014Evaluating the Bone Tissue Regeneration Capability of the Chinese Herbal Decoction Danggui Buxue Tang from a Molecular Biology PerspectiveWang, W.-L.; Sheu, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-S.; Kao, S.-T.; Fu, Y.-T.; Kuo, T.-F.; Chen, K.-Y.; Yao, C.-H.; TZONG-FU KUO BioMed Research International 189
82016Fabrication of Novel Hydrogel with Berberine-Enriched Carboxymethylcellulose and Hyaluronic Acid as an Anti-Inflammatory Barrier MembraneYu-Chih Huang; Kuen-Yu Huang; Bing-Yuan Yang; Chun-Han Ko; Haw-Ming Huang; CHUN-HAN KO BioMed Research International 1513
92015Functional importance of mobile ribosomal proteinsChang, K.-C.; Wen, J.-D.; Yang, L.-W.; JIN-DER WEN BioMed Research International 53
102015Heteronemin, a spongean sesterterpene, induces cell apoptosis and autophagy in human renal carcinoma cellsCHE-MING TENGBioMed Research International 3630
112017Indigenous Wildlife Rabies in Taiwan: Ferret Badgers, a Long Term Terrestrial ReservoirLan Y.-C.; Wen T.-H. ; Chang C.-C.; Liu H.-F.; Lee P.-F. ; Huang C.-Y.; Chomel B.B.; Chen Y.-M.A.BioMed Research International 810
122014MAVTgsa: An R package for gene set (enrichment) analysisChien, C.-Y.; Chang, C.-W.; Tsai, C.-A.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI BioMed Research International 22
132014Osteoponin promoter controlled by DNA methylation: Aberrant methylation in cloned porcine genomeShen, C.-J.; Tsou, Y.-A.; Chen, H.-L.; Huang, H.-J.; Wu, S.-C.; Cheng, W.T.K.; Chen, C.Y.-C.; Chen, C.-M.; SHINN-CHIH WU BioMed Research International 97
142014Patient-controlled epidural levobupivacaine with or without fentanyl for post-cesarean section pain reliefSHOU-ZEN FAN ; LI-KUEI CHEN BioMed Research International 84
152014Performance analysis of extracted rule-base multivariable type-2 self-organizing fuzzy logic controller applied to anesthesiaSHOU-ZEN FAN BioMed Research International 92
162015Sample entropy analysis of EEG signals via artificial neural networks to model patients' consciousness level based on anesthesiologists experienceSHOU-ZEN FAN ; FENG-FANG TSAI BioMed Research International 4332
172014The Antileukemia Activity of Natural Product HQ17(3) Is Possibly Associated with Downregulation of miR-17-92 ClusterLiao, Ya-Chun; Lin, Tzu-Heng; Chen, Chih-Ying; Lin, Shwu-Bin; Au, Lo-ChunBioMed Research International 65