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12003A gurson yield function for anisotropic porous sheet metals and its applications to failure prediction of aluminum sheetsWang, D.-A.; Chien, W.Y.; Liao, K.C.; Pan, J.; Tang, S.C.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article40
22015A New Procedure for Simulating Active Lateral Force in Spatially Variable Clay Modeled by Anisotropic Random FieldHu, Y.-G.; Ching, J.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article00
32011A novel inflatable belt-type clamp in open heart surgeryHSI-YU YU journal article00
42004A unified approach for the kinematic and force analysis of simple wire-driven platform mechanismsLin, Y.L.; Liu, T.; TYNG LIU journal article
52015An Analytical Solution to the Three-Dimensional Problem on Elastic Equilibrium of an Exponentially-Inhomogeneous LayerTokovyy, Y.; Ma, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHING MA journal article1110
62007An experimental investigation on the coalescent behaviors of colliding dropletsWang, C.H.; Pan, K.L.; Fu, S.Y.; Huang, W.C.; Yang, J.Y.; KUO-LONG PAN journal article
72007An experimental investigation on the coalescent behaviors of colliding dropletsCHING-HUA WANG journal article
82010Analysis of a pot-like ultrasonic sensor with an anisotropic beam patternCheng, C.-C.; Lin, C.-Y.; Ho, J.-H.; Shieh, J.; Chen, C.-S.; Wu, W.-J.; Wu, K.-C.; Lee, C.-K.; KUANG-CHONG WU journal article11
92004Analysis of Earth Pressure for Retaining Wall and Ultimate Bearing Capacity for Shallow Foundation by Variational MethodWu, L.Y.; Tsai, Y.F.journal article33
102005Analysis of wave propagation in infinite piezoelectric platesWu, C.Y.; Chang, J.S.; Wu, K.C.; KUANG-CHONG WU journal article68
112011An analytical method for the inverse Cauchy problem of Laplace equation in a rectangular plateLiu, C.-S.journal article118
122006Application of Normalized Spectral Acceleration Displacement (NSAD) Format on Performance-Based Seismic Design of Bridge StructuresSung, Yu-Chi; Lin, Tsung-Wu; Tsai, I-Chau; Chang, Shuenn-Yih; Lai, Min-Chunjournal article
132010Biomechanical role of the locomotor system in controlling body center of mass motion in older adults during obstructed GaitHAO-LING CHENjournal article
142014Chain length effect on surface stress of alkanethiolates adsorbed onto √3×√3R30° AU(111) surface: A van der Waals density functional studyShih, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-S.; Wu, K.-C.; KUANG-CHONG WU journal article87
152004Comparisons of Joint Kinetics in the Lower Extremity between Stair Ascent and DescentLin, H.-C.; Lu, T.-W.; Hsu, H.-C.
162003Construction of oscillating-decaying solutions for anisotropic elasticity systemsNakamura, G.; Wang, J.-N.; JENN-NAN WANG journal article22
172010Control of body's center of mass motion during level walking and obstacle-crossing in older patients with knee osteoarthritisHAO-LING CHENjournal article
182012Correlations between heelstrike impulsive loading and joint kinematics of the lower extremities during normal level walkingSHIER-CHIEG HUANG journal article00
192010Derivation of cyclic py curves from instrumented dynamic lateral load testsLin, S.-S.; Lai, C.-H.; Chen, C.-H.; Ueng, T.-S.journal article54
202007Dynamic Crack Propagation in Piezoelectric Materials Subjected to Dynamic Body Forces for Vacuum BoundaryChen, Xi-Hong; Ma, Chien-Ching ; Ing, Yi-Shyongjournal article12