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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12002A verifiable multi-authority secret election allowing abstention from votingW. S. Juang; C. L. Lei; H. T. Liaw; CHIN-LAUNG LEI The Computer Journal 1711
22015Deriving Compositionally Deadlock-free Componenets over Synchronous Automata CompositionsNina Yevtushenko; Khaled El-Fakih; Tiziano Villa; Jie-Hong R. Jiang; JIE-HONG JIANG The Computer Journal 10
32003The Impacts of Write Through Procedures and Checkpointing on Real-Time Concurrency ControlKuo, Tei-Wei ; Hou, Yen-Hsi; Lam, Kam-YiuThe Computer Journal 42
42008Increasing Service Availability in a Wireless Home Network EnvironmentLin, Chi-Yi; Wang, Szu-Chi; Kuo, Sy-Yen; Chen, Chi-YuanThe Computer Journal 
52009Increasing Service Availability in a Wireless Home Network EnvironmentC. Y. Lin; S. C. Wang; S. Y. Kuo,; SY-YEN KUO The Computer Journal 11
61991A Neural Network Simulating SystemWu, J.-L.; Cheng, S.-T.The Computer Journal 
72010Reachability Analysis of Augmented Marked Graphs via Integer Linear ProgrammingC. Chen; S. Chin; H. Yen; HSU-CHUN YEN The Computer Journal 32
82000The Reduced Ceiling Protocol for Concurrency Control in Real-Time Databases with Mixed TransactionsLam, Kam yiu; Kuo, Tei Wei ; Tsang, Wai Hung; Law, Gary C. K.The Computer Journal 
91991A Simulation System for Neural NetworksWu, Ja-Ling; S.T. ChengThe Computer Journal 
102002A Verifiable Multi-Authority Secret Election Allowing Abstention from VotingJuang, Wen-Shenq; Lei, Chin-Laung; Liaw, Horng-TwuThe Computer Journal