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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12011A driver-layer caching policy for removable storage devicesChang, Y.-H.; Hsu, P.-Y.; Lu, Y.-F.; Kuo, T.-W.; TEI-WEI KUO ACM Transactions on Storage 83
22010A strategy to emulate NOR flash with NAND flashChang, Y.-H.; Hsieh, J.-W.; Lin, J.-H.; Kuo, T.-W.; TEI-WEI KUO ACM Transactions on Storage 88
32006The Design of Efficient Initialization and Crash Recovery for Log-based File Systems over Flash MemoryWu, Chin-Hsien; Kuo, Tei-Wei ; Chang, Li PinACM Transactions on Storage 280
42006Efficient Identification of Hot Data for Flash Memory Storage SystemsHsieh, Jen-Wei; Kuo, Tei-Wei ; Chang, Li-PinACM Transactions on Storage 1390
52005Efficient Management for Large-Scale Flash-Memory Storage Systems with Resource ConservationChang, Li-Pin; Kuo, Tei-Wei ACM Transactions on Storage 1060
62009QoS for storage subsystems using IEEE-1394Huang, Chih-Yuan; Kuo, Tei-Wei; Pang, Ai-Chun; TEI-WEI KUO ; Pang, Ai-Chun ACM Transactions on Storage 60