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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12000A polynomial-time approximation scheme for minimum routing cost spanning treesWu, B.Y.; Lancia, G.; Bafna, V.; Chao, K.-M.; Ravi, R.; Tang, C.Y.; KUN-MA0 CHAO SIAM Journal on Computing 
22001An atomic model for message passingLiu, Pangfeng ; Sandeep Bhatt; William AielloSIAM Journal on Computing 
32010Designing network protocols for good equilibriaChen, H.-L.; Roughgarden, T.; Valiant, G.; CHEN HO-LIN SIAM Journal on Computing 6455
42000A Fast General Methodology for Information-Theoretically Optimal Encodings of GraphsHe, X.; Kao, M.-Y. Lu Hsueh-ISIAM Journal on Computing 
51986Finding a Maximum Clique in an Arbitrary GraphCHANG-SUNG YU; CHANG-SUNG YU SIAM Journal on Computing 200167
61989On relaxed squashed embedding of graphs into a hypercubeChen, Ming-Syan; Shin, Kang G.; MING-SYAN CHEN SIAM Journal on Computing 53
72004An Optimal Algorithm for the Maximum-Density Segment ProblemChung, Kai-min; Lu, Hsueh-I SIAM Journal on Computing 3631
82001OPTIMAL BUY-AND-HOLD STRATEGIES FOR FINANCIAL MARKETS WITH BOUNDED DAILY RETURNSChen, Gen-Huey ; Kao, Ming-Yang; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh ; Wong, Hsing-KuoSIAM Journal on Computing 
92005Orderly Spanning Trees with ApplicationsCHIANG, YI-TING; LIN, CHING-CHI; LU, HSUEH-I SIAM Journal on Computing 3937
102000A Polynomial-Time Approximation Scheme for Minimum Routing Cost Spanning TreesWu, B. Y.; Lancia, G.; Bafna, V.; Chao, K.-M.; Ravi, R.; Tang, C. Y.SIAM Journal on Computing 
111994Profile minimization problem in treesGERARD JENNHWA CHANG SIAM Journal on Computing 
122007($t$,$k$)-Diagnosability of Multiprocessor Systems with Applications to Grids and ToriChang G. Y.; Chen G. H.SIAM Journal on Computing 1615
131999Tight bounds for on-line tree embeddingsSandeep Bhatt; David Greenberg; Tom Leighton; Liu, Pangfeng SIAM Journal on Computing 76