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12008Analysis of Tumor Vascularity Using Three-Dimensional Power Doppler Ultrasound ImagesHuang, SF; Chang, RF; Moon, WK; Lee, YH; Chen,; DR; Suri, JSIEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 5555
22009Correction for susceptibility-induced distortion in echo-planar imaging using field maps and model-based point spread functionWEN-YIH TSENGIEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 1210
32008Dynamic positron emission tomography data-driven analysis using sparse Bayesian learningPeng, Jyh-Ying; Aston, J.A.D.; Gunn, R.N.; Liou, Cheng-Yuan; Ashburner, J.; CHENG-YUAN LIOU IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 2123
42010Generalized q-sampling imagingWEN-YIH TSENGIEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 318428
51999Model-Free Functional Mri Analysis Using Kohonen Clustering Neural Network and Fuzzy C-MeansChuang, Kai-Hsiang; Chiu, Ming-Jang; Lin, Chung-Chih; Chen, Jyh-HorngIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING 
61999Model-free Functional MRI Analysis Using Kohonen Clustering Neural Networks and Fuzzy-C meansKai-Hisiang Chuang; Ming-Jang Chiu; Chung-Chih Lin; Jyh-Horng Chen; JYH-HORNG CHEN IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 146133
72009On concise 3-D simple point characterizations: A marching cubes paradigmCHUNG-WEI LEE; HON-MAN LIU; HUANG, ADAM; LIU, HON-MAN; LEE, CHUNG-WEI; YANG, CHUNG-YI; TSANG, YUK-MINGIEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 2021
81999Quantitative spectral/spatial analysis of phased array coil in magnetic resonance imaging based on method of momentFa-Hsuan Lin; Wei-Peng Kuan; Shyh-Kang Jeng; Jyh-Horng Chen; SHYH-KANG JENG ; Lin, Fa-Hsuan ; JYH-HORNG CHEN IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 1511
92013Robust texture analysis using multi-resolution gray-scale invariant features for breast sonographic tumor diagnosisYang, M.-C.; Moon, W.K.; Wang, Y.-C.F.; Bae, M.S.; Huang, C.-S.; Chen, J.-H.; Chang, R.-F.; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG; RUEY-FENG CHANG IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 5962