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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11996Design and Implementation of a Multimedia CSCW PlatformChang, Ing-Chau; Huang, Jau-Hsiung; Tseng, Wei-HsinMultimedia Tools and Applications 
22002Design of Scalable Continuous Media ServersChou, Cheng Fu ; Golubchik, Leana; Lui, John C. S.; Chung, I HsinMultimedia Tools and Applications 
32008Explicit semantic events detection and development of realistic applications for broadcasting baseball videosChu, Wei-Ta; Wu, Ja-Ling; JA-LING WU Multimedia Tools and Applications 2519
42015Guest Editorial: Visual Information Processing and PerceptionKalva, H.; Chen, H.; Adzic, V.; Fern\\'; ez-Escribano, G.; HOMER H. CHEN Multimedia Tools and Applications 00
52015Method and experiments of subliminal cueing for real-world imagesHuang, T.-H.; Yeh, S.-L.; Yang, Y.-H.; Liao, H.-I.; Tsai, Y.-Y.; Chang, P.-J.; Chen, H.H.; SU-LING YEH ; HOMER H. CHEN Multimedia Tools and Applications 00
61999A Multimedia World Wide Web Based Conference Minute System for Group CollaborationChang, Ing-Chau; Liou, Bo-Shen; Huang, Jau-Hsiung; Yu, Shiuh-Sheng; Shiah, Chee-WenMultimedia Tools and Applications 
72012Semantic scalability using tennis videos as examplesLai, J.-H.; Chien, S.-Y.; SHAO-YI CHIEN Multimedia Tools and Applications 21
82015UbiShop: Commercial item recommendation using visual part-based object representationChi, H.-Y.; Chen, C.-C.; Cheng, W.-H.; Chen, M.-S.; MING-SYAN CHEN Multimedia Tools and Applications 78