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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12006Analysis and evaluation of a multiple gateway traffic-distribution scheme for gateway clustersTsai, Pan-Lung; Lei, Chin-LaungComputer Communications 
21999Anonymous channel and authentication in wireless communicationsJuang, W. -S.; Lei, C. -L.; Chang, C. -Y.Computer Communications 
32006Extension headers for IPv6 anycastLin, Ching-YuComputer Communications 
42006Magnetic diffusion: Scalability, reliability, and QoS of data dissemination mechanisms for wireless sensor networksHuang, Hsing-Jung; Chang, Ting-Hao; Hu, Shu-Yu; Huang, Polly Computer Communications 125
51996Modelling frame losses in a two-hop ATM networkTsai, Zsehong; Yen, Kuo Hsin; TsaiZsehong Computer Communications 
62008Moving toward end-to-end support for handoffs across heterogeneous telephony systems on dual-mode mobile devicesHsieh, Hung-Yun ; Li, Chung-Wei; Liao, Shuo-Wei; Chen, Yu-Wen ; Tsai, Tsung-Lin; Lin, Hsiao-PuComputer Communications 23
71997Output process characterization for fast token ring networks supporting two prioritiesLi, Mingfu; Tsai, ZsehongComputer Communications 
81999Partially blind threshold signatures based on discrete logarithmJuang, W. -S.; Lei, C. -L.Computer Communications 
92000Performance analysis of broadcast in mobile ad hoc networks with synchronized and non-synchronized receptionPan, Kuang-Hung; Wu, Hsiao-Kuang; Shang, Rung-Ji; Lai, FeipeiComputer Communications 
102002Real and Generated Internet AS Topologies: Structure, Spectrum, RobustnessDanica Vukadinovic; Thomas Erlebach; Polly Huang; Maurice Ruegg; POLLY HUANG ACM Computer Communication Review 00
112002A Secure Multicast Protocol with Copyright ProtectionChu, Hao hua; Nahrstedt, KlaraACM Computer Communication Review 
122006An SPT-based topology control algorithm for wireless ad hoc networksWang, Szu-Chi; Wei, David S.L.; Kuo, Sy-YenComputer Communications 
131997Steady-state analysis of rate-controlled data transport in ATM Local Area NetworksChiou, Hong-Bin; Tsai, ZsehongComputer Communications