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120042-GHz-repetition-rate resonant cavity for the enhancement of second harmonic generationLiu, Tzu-Ming; Yu, Cheng-Ta; Sun, Chi-Kuang conference paper
22004Control of seeding of Raman forward scattering and injection of electrons in a self-modulated laser wakefield accelerator by a copropagating prepulseChien, T.Y.; Chen, W.-T.; Lee, C.-H.; Lin, J.-Y.; Wang, J.; Chen, S.-Y.journal article
32004Electroluminescence evolution of Ge quantum-dot diodes with the fold numberChen, K.T.; Peng, Y.H.; Hsu, C.H.; Kuan, C.H.; Liu, C.W.; Chen, P.S.journal article
42004Fabrication and characterization of micro-structured polymer optical fibersHuang, C.W.; Ho, M.C.; Yu, C.P.; Chang, H.C.; Yang, C.C.; Chien, H.H.; Ma, K.J.; Zheng, Z.P.journal article00
52004Measurement of broadband gain spectrum of semiconductor optical amplifiers using a two-section techniqueWu, Chao-Hsin ; Su, Yi-Shin; Lin, Ching-Fuh conference paper
62004Optimum design of silicon doping for emission enhancement of InGaN/GaN quantum well light-emitting devicesCheng, Yung-Chen; Lin, En-Chiang; Chen, Meng-Kuo; Wu, Cheng-Ming; Yang, C.C.; Ma, Kung-Jenjournal article
72004Quasi-CW THz-imaging based on a high-efficiency tunable photonic transmitterLu, Ja-Yu; Chang, Hsu-Hao; Chen, Li-Jin; Tien, Ming-Chun; Sun, Chi-Kuang journal article
82004Simultaneous generation of eight channels with 20 nm spectral spacing from one single semiconductor laserHuang, Chi-Chia; Su, Yi-Shin; Lin, Ching-Fuh journal article
92004Software compensation for dispersion mismatch in optical coherence tomographyLu, Chih-Wei; Tsai, Meng-Tsan; Wang, Yih-Ming; Kiang, Yean-Woei ; Yang, C.C.journal article00
102004Wide tuning and multi-wavelength SHG from 2D /spl chi//sup (2)/ nonlinear photonic crystal of tetragonal lattice structureHsu, C.C.; Peng, L.H.; Ng, Jimmy; Kung, A.H.journal article00