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151D nano-ultrasonic scan with 1-nanometer spatial resolutionLin, Kung-Hsuan; Yu, Cheng-Ta; Pan, Chang-Chi; Chyi, Jen-Inn; Huang, Sheng-Wen; Li, Pai-Chi ; Sun, Chi-Kuang Conference on Quantum Electronics and Laser Science, 2005 10
22005Generation of frequency tunable nano-acoustic waves by optical coherent controlYu, Cheng-Ta; Lin, Kung-Hsuan; Hsieh, Chia-Lung; Pan, Cheng-Chi; Chyi, Jen-Inn; Sun, Chi-Kuang Quantum Electronics and Laser Science, 2005 Conference 00
32005Low-voltage operation photodetector made by coupling superlattice and quantum wellsLu, J.H.; Wang, Y.C.; Wang, C.L.; Kuan, C.H.; Yang, C.W.; Tu, S.L.Quantum Electronics and Laser Science, 2005 Conference 00