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11984An AlGaAs-GaAs dual Wavelength Photodetector with 500 埃 Resolution李嗣涔 ; 林浩雄 ; Chiou, Y. L.; Lee, Si-Chen ; Lin, Hao-Hsiung Solid State Electronics 
21994Binding energies of D- ion in GaAs quantum wellChang, Y.H.; Yeh, J.J.; Sheu, Y.M.; Wang, C.C.; Chen, T.C.; Chang, K.H.; Lee, C.P.; YUAN-HUEI CHANG Solid State Electronics 11
32009Closed-Form Partitioned Gate Tunneling Current Model for NMOS Devices with an Ultra-thin Gate OxideC. H. Lin; J. B. Kuo; JAMES-B KUO Solid State Electronics 11
41992The Common Gate CMOS Inverter with Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistor on Top of Crystalline PMOSLin, H. C.; Sah, Wen-Jyh; 李嗣涔 ; Lin, H. C.; Lee, Si-Chen Solid State Electronics 
51993Effect of a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas on the DC Characteristics of InAlAs/InGaAs Double Heterojunction Bipolar TransistorsHuang, Chang-Hsiu; 林浩雄 ; Lin, Hao-Hsiung Solid State Electronics 
61991Effect of oxide resistance on the characterization of interface trap density in MOS structuresLin, J.-J.; Hwu, J.-G.; JENN-GWO HWU Solid State Electronics 11
71993Effect of two-dimensional electron gas on the d.c. characteristics of InAlAs/InGaAs double heterojunction bipolar transistorsHuang, Chao-Hsing; Lin, Hao-Hsiung Solid-State Electronics 1111
81992Evaluation of Low Dark Current InSb Photovoltaic DetectorsChen, L. P.; Luo, J. J.; Liu, T. H.; Pang, Y. M.; 楊聲震; Chen, L. P.; Pang, Y. M.; Yang, Seng-JennSolid-State Electronics 
92012Function of the parasitic bipolar transistor in the 40 nm PD SOI NMOS device considering the floating body effectC. H. Chen; J. B. Kuo; D. Chen; C. S. Yeh; JAMES-B KUO Solid State Electronics 54
101993High current gain AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor grown by molecular beam epitaxyHuang, Chen-Chih; Lin, Hao-Hsiung Solid-State Electronics 10
111995High-breakdown-voltage Ga0.51In0.49P/GaAs I-HEMT and I2HEMT with a GaInP passivation layer grown by gas source molecular beam epitaxySun, T.P.; Huang, C.L.; Lu, S.S.; Lu, S.S. Solid State Electronics 1716
121989Improvement in radiation hardness of oxide by successive irradiation-then-anneal treatmentsHwu, J.-G.; Fu, S.-L.; JENN-GWO HWU Solid State Electronics 1822
131995Improvement in reliability of n-MOSFETs by using rapid thermal N2O-reoxidized nitrided gate oxidesJENN-GWO HWU Solid State Electronics 24
141991Improvement of hot-carrier resistance and radiation hardness of nMOSFETs by irradiation-then-anneal treatmentsChang-Liao, K.-S.; Hwu, J.-G.; JENN-GWO HWU Solid State Electronics 100
152017In0.18Al0.82N/AlN/GaN HEMT on Si with Hybrid Ohmic and Schottky Source/Drain Solid State ElectronicsM. H.Liao ; P.-G. Chen; M. Tang; M. H. LeeSolid State Electronics 
162008Quasi-Static Capacitance-Voltage Characterizations of Carrier Accumulation and Depletion Phenomena in Pentacene Thin-Film TransistorsChen, Yi-Ming; Lin, Chi-Feng; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; Huang, JianJang Solid-State Electronics 
171995Relation between the collector current and the two-dimensional electron gas stored in the base-collector heterojunction notch of InAlAs/InGaAs/InAlGaAs DHBTsHuang, Chao-Hsing; Lee, Tsuen-Lin; Lin, Hao-Hsiung Solid-State Electronics 84
181989The Hot Electron Effect in Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors:Theory and ExperimentChen, C. Z.; Lee, Si-Chen ; Lin, Hao-Hsiung Solid State Electronics 
191990Thin-oxide thickness measurement in ellipsometry by a wafer rotation methodJENN-GWO HWU Solid State Electronics 11
201991Two-Dimensional Simulation of the Electric Field Spike of Indium Antimonide Charge Injection DevicesWu, C. W.; 林浩雄 ; Lin, Hao-Hsiung Solid State Electronics