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11988The Amplification Refractory Mutation System (ARMS):a Rapid and Direct Prenatal Diagnostic Technique for β-thalassemia in SingaporeTan, J. A. M. A.; Tay, J. S. H.; Lin, Liang-In; Wong, H. B.; Tan, J. A. M. A.; Tay, J. S. H.; 林亮音; Kham, S. K. Y.; Chia, J. N.; CHin, T. M.; Aziz, N. B. A.; Wong, H. B.Prenatal Diagnosis 
22008Anxiety levels in women undergoing prenatal maternal serum screening for down syndrome: the effect of a fast reporting system by mobile phone short-message serviceP.-J. Cheng; S.-W. Shaw; H.-Y. Chueh; C.-T. Lin; J.-J. Hsu; T.-T. Hsieh; Y.-K. Soong; TZONG-LIN WU Prenatal Diagnosis 3130
32014Cell fusion phenomena detected after in utero transplantation of Ds-red-harboring porcine amniotic fluid stem cells into EGFP transgenic micePeng, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chou, C.-J.; Wang, Y.-H.; Lee, H.-M.; Cheng, W.T.-K.; Shaw, S.W.S.; Wu, S.-C.; SHINN-CHIH WU Prenatal Diagnosis 44
41990DNA Polymorphism and Globin Chain Analysis in the Prenatal Diagnosis of Beta-thalassemia Major in Taiwan柯滄銘; 謝豐舟; Lee, Tzu-Yao; Ko, Tsang-Ming; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; Lee, Tzu-YaoPrenatal Diagnosis 
52006Huge Duplication Cyst of Small Intestine: Ultrasonographic Features and Prenatal AspirationCHEN, MING; HSIEH, TSUNG-CHE; HSIAO, CHIEN- CHOU; YANG, ALBERT DPRENATAL DIAGNOSIS 
62006Huge duplication cyst of small intestine: Ultrasonographic features and prenatal aspiration [2]MING CHEN Prenatal Diagnosis 10
72006Perinatal findings and molecular cytogenetic analyses of de novo interstitial deletion of 9q (9q22.3→q31.3) associated with Gorlin syndromeMING CHEN Prenatal Diagnosis 2523
82001Prenatal diagnosis and genetic analysis of type I and type II thanatophoric dysplasiaJIN-CHUNG SHIHPrenatal Diagnosis 00
91999Prenatal diagnosis of a fetus with distal 10q trisomyJIN-CHUNG SHIHPrenatal Diagnosis 00
111999Prenatal diagnosis of bilateral ventriculomegaly and an enlarged cisterna magna in a fetus with partial trisomy 9 and partial trisomy 21 [1]JIN-CHUNG SHIHPrenatal Diagnosis 00
121990Prenatal Diagnosis of Chinese Homozygous Alpha-Thalassemia 1 and Haemoglobin H Disease by Analysis of Alpha-and Pseudo-Zeta-Globin Genes in Chorionic Villi and Amniocytes柯滄銘; 謝豐舟; Lee, Tzu-Yao; Ko, Tsang-Ming; Hsieh, Fon-JouPrenatal Diagnosis 
131989Prenatal Diagnosis of Chinese Homozyous a-Thalassaemia 1 and Haemoglobin H Disease by Anbalysis of a-and-Globin Genes in Chorionic Villi and AmniocytesKo, T. M.; 謝豐舟; 李鎡堯; Ko, T. M.; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; Lee, Tzu-YaoPrenatal Diagnosis 
142006Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Immature Teratoma Arising from RetroperitoneumCHOU, CHING-YU; LEE, CHIEN-NAN; SHIH, JIN-CHUNGPRENATAL DIAGNOSIS 
152000Prenatal diagnosis of limb-body wall complex using two- and three-dimensional ultrasound [3]JIN-CHUNG SHIHPrenatal Diagnosis 00
162006Prenatal Identification of Small Supernumerary Marker Chromosomes by Fish in an Infant Born with Mild Congenital Anomalies于宏燦 ; CHEN, MING; CHANG, SHUN-PING; YIN, PAO-LUN; KUO, SHOU-JEN; YU, H-T; WANG, BAO- TYANPrenatal Diagnosis 
172006Prenatal identification of small supernumerary marker chromosomes by FISH in an infant born with mild congenital anomalies [8]MING CHEN Prenatal Diagnosis 33
182007Proinflammatory Macrophage Migratory Inhibition Factor and Interleukin-6 Are Concentrated in Pleural Effusion of Human Fetuses with Prenatal ChylothoraxCHEN, MING; HSIEH, CHANG-YAO; SHIH, JIN-CHUNG; CHOU, CHIA-HUNG; MA, GWO-CHIN; CHEN, TZE-HO; LEE, TSUNG-HSIEN; TSAI, HORNG-DER; CHEN, CHIH-PINGPRENATAL DIAGNOSIS 
192001Quality of written information used in down syndrome screeningJIN-CHUNG SHIHPrenatal Diagnosis 00
202007Rapid Prenatal Diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy with Gene Duplications by Ion-Pair Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Competitive Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction StrategyHUANG, WAN-YI; HUNG, CHIA-CHENG; LEE, CHIEN-NAN; SU, YI-NING; CHEN, CHIH-PINGPRENATAL DIAGNOSIS