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12006Actin- based modeling of a transcriptionally competent nuclear substructure induced by transcription inhibition.Wang, I.-F.; Chang, H.-Y.; Shen, C. -K. J.Exp. Cell Res 
22006Chromatin-binding in vivo of the erythroid kruppel-like factor, EKLF, in the murine globin loci.Shyu, Y. -C.; Wen, S. -C.; Lee, T. -L.; Chen, X.; Hsu, C. -T.; Chen, C.; Chen, R. -L.; Hwang, J. -L.; Shen, C. -K. J.Cell Res 
32007Critical involvement of ILK in TGF beta 1-stimulated invasion/migration of human ovarian cancer cells is associated with urokinase plasminogen activator systemLin, SW; Ke, FC; Hsiao, PW; Lee, PP; Lee, MT; Hwang, JJExp Cell Res 
42005The functional cooperation of MAP1A heavy chain and light chain 2 in the binding of microtubules.Chien, CL; Lu, KS; Lin, YS; Hsieh, CJ; Hirokawa, NExp. Cell Res.