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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12000Aluminum induced plasma nitrite/nitrate elevation and anemia-related index changes in pregnant ratsTZONG-FU KUO Nutritional Sciences Journal 0
22004Association between abdomenal skin fold and daily fluid intake in young adultsChen, M.-L.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Chen, K.-J.; Lin, B.-F.; BI-FONG LIN Nutritional Sciences Journal 0
32000Determination of folate content in commonly consumed vegetables in TaiwanLeh, J.; Lin, B.-F.; BI-FONG LIN Nutritional Sciences Journal 3
42010Dietary intake in patients with major depressive disorder - A pilot studyMEI-CHIH MEG TSENG Nutritional Sciences Journal 
52006Effect of a vegetarian diets on the vitamin B status and homocysteine levels in elderly TaiwaneseChen, K.-J.; Shaw, N.-S.; Pan, W.-H.; Feili, L.Y.; Lin, B.-F.; BI-FONG LIN Nutritional Sciences Journal 1
61998Effect of dehulled adlay on allergic responses of sensitized miceShyu, M.-L.; Lin, B.-F.; Chiang, W.; BI-FONG LIN Nutritional Sciences Journal 8
72003Effect of juice extraction on dietary fiber availability of fruits and vegetablesChen, I.-C.; Lin, B.-F.; BI-FONG LIN Nutritional Sciences Journal 1
82007Effects of different dietary oils and contents on immune responses of ovalbumin sensitized BALB/c miceWu, C.-H.; Lin, J.-J.; Lin, J.-Y.; Lin, B.-F.; BI-FONG LIN Nutritional Sciences Journal 0
91997Effects of high intake of dietary fat on liver microsomal P450 content, hepatic vitamin E and TBARS in autoimmune-prone NZB/W F1 miceLin, B.-F.; Chang, S.-C.; Wu, W.-M.; BI-FONG LIN Nutritional Sciences Journal 1
102000Effects of oral aluminum chloride on maternal/embryonic toxicity and teratogenicity in pregnant ratsGuo, C.-H.; Hsu, G.-S.W.; Kuo, T.-F.; TZONG-FU KUO Nutritional Sciences Journal 
112009Estimation of breast milk intake by test-weighing and nutrient intake by taiwanese infants before 6 months of ageWU-SHIUN HSIEH Nutritional Sciences Journal 
122004Evaluation of the anti-inflammation screening model of macrophages cell line by the proinflammatory mediators secretionsHong, Y.-H.; Lin, B.-F.; BI-FONG LIN Nutritional Sciences Journal 1
131999The Folate Status in Taiwanese Population from the NAHSIT 1993-1996Lin, Bi-Fong ; Lin, Ron-Fuh; Yeh, Wen-Ting; Pan, Wen-HarnNutritional Sciences Journal 
142000Induction of Hepatic Cytochrome P450 Using Dietary Oxidized Oil in Iron Deficient RatsChang, Mei-Ling; Huang, Hui-Ling; Shaw, Ning-Sing Nutritional Sciences Journal 
151999Nutrition and health survey in Taiwan (NAHSIT) 1993-1996: Design, contents, and operationsPO-CHAO HUANG Nutritional Sciences Journal 
162020Nutrition recommendation for breast cancerTz-Ting, Huang; CHING-HUNG, LIN ; Ming-Feng, Hou; Meng-Chuan, HuangNutritional Sciences Journal 0
171999Prevalence of Iron Deficiency in the General Population in TaiwanShaw, Ning-Sing ; Yeh, Wen-Ting; Pan, Wen-HarnNutritional Sciences Journal 
182010Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and the diet and lifestyle of visually impaired adults in TaipeiLIN-CHUNG WOUNG Nutritional Sciences Journal 
192011The educational model of the improvement diet-lifestyle state for the overweight/obese visually impaired peopleLIN-CHUNG WOUNG Nutritional Sciences Journal 
202006The effect of total parenteral nutrition and other factors on the length of postoperative hospital stay after major gastrointestinal surgeryYUAN-HUEI HUANG Nutritional Sciences Journal