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12008GRP75 promotes the neuronal differentiation of neuroblastoma cellsLiao, Y.-F.; Hsu, W.-M.; Lee, H.-Y.; Juan, H.-F.; Tsay, Y.-G.; Shih, Y.-Y.; Wang, B.-J.; Chang, H.-H.; Hsieh, F.-J.ANR2008, Chiba, Japan, May 21-24 
22008Notch signaling pathway and calreticulin in neuroblastoma: Interactions and prognostic significanceChang, H.-H.; Hsu, W.-M.; Lee, H.-Y.; Juan, H.-F.; Lai, H.-S.; Chen, W.-J.; Lee, Y.-L.; Liao, Y.-F.; Hsieh, F.-J.; Lin, K.-H.ANR2008, Chiba, Japan, May 21-24 
32008Protein-protein interaction network of AHR and MYCN involved in neuroblastomaCheng, K.-L.; Huang, H.-C.; Hsu, C.-W.; Hsu, W.-M.; Juan, H.-F.ANR2008, Chiba, Japan, May 21-24