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12014Association between the metabolome and low bone mineral density in taiwanese women determined by 1H NMR spectroscopyKEH-SUNG TSAI ; YEN-CHING CHEN ; CHING-YU LIN journal article2523
21997Bone Densitometry of Proximal Femur in Chinese Subjects: Gender Differences in Bone Mass and Bone Area蔡克嵩; TSAI, KEH-SUNG; CHENG, WERN-CHERNG; SANCHEZ, T, V; CHEN, CHUNG-KUANG; CHIENG, POON-UNG; YANG, RONG-SEN
31996Bone Mineral Density and Bone Markers in Relation to Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms in Chinese Men a Nd Women蔡克嵩; TSAI, KEH-SUNG; HSU, SANDY, HUEY-JEN; CHENG, WERN-CHERNG; CHEN, CHUNG-KUANG; CHIENG, POON-UNG; PAN, WEN-HARN
41994Calcitonin inhibits testosterone and luteinizing hormone secretion through a mechanism involving an increase in cAMP production in rats陳俊忠 ; WANG, PAULUS, S; TSAI, SHIOW-CHWEN; HWANG, GUEY-SHYANG; WANG, SHYI-WU; LU, CHIEN-CHEN; CHIEN, CHAU-HENG; CHEN, JIANN-JONG; LEE, HSIEN-YANG; LIU, SHY-RONG; LAU, CHIN-PANG; LEE, KUN-YIH; TSAI, CHING-LIN
51992Comparison of bone mineral content among Japanese, Koreans, and Taiwanese assessed by dual-photon absorptiometryKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article
61992Comparison of bone mineral content among Japanese, Koreans, and Taiwanese assessed by dual‐photon absorptiometryKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article600
71997Effect of Bone Area on Spine Density in Chinese Men and Women in Taiwan蔡克嵩; TSAI, KEH-SUNG; CHENG, WERN-CHERNG; CHEN, CHUNG-KUANG; SANCHEZ, T, V; SU, CHENG-TAU; CHIENG, POON-UNG; YANG, RONG-SEN
82002The Effects of Different Exercise Modes on the Biomechanical Properties of Growing Bone in RatsYANG, RONG-SEN; LIU, SHING-HWA
92002The Effects of Weight-Bearing (Running) and Non-Weight-Hearing (Swimming) Exercise on Bone Development in Growing RatsYANG, RONG-SEN; LIU, SHING-HWA
102008Efficacy and Safety of Bazedoxifene in Postmenopausal Asian Women蔡克嵩; Xu, Ling; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Kim, Ghi Su; Wu, Yiyong; Vincendon, Pascale; Chines, Arkadi; Constantine, Ginger01
112003Enhancement of fibronectin synthesis and fibrillogenesis by BMP-4 in cultured rat osteoblastWEN-MEI FU; RONG-SEN YANGjournal article4343
122003Enhancement of Fibronectin Synthesis and Fibrillogenesis by Bmp-4 in Cultured Rat OsteoblastTANG, CHIH-HSIN; YANG, RONG-SEN; LIOU, HORNG-HUEI; FU, WEN-MEI
132010Estrogen augments shear stress-induced signaling and gene expression in osteoblast-like cells via estrogen receptor-mediated expression of β1-integrinJUI-SHENG SUNjournal article2421
142013FAM20C functions intracellularly within both ameloblasts and odontoblasts in vivoSHIH-KAI Wang journal article1212
152011Involvement of Calcitonin and Its Receptor in the Control of Calcium-Regulating Genes and Calcium Homeostasis in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)Lafont, Anne-Gaelle; Wang, Yi-Fang; Chen, Gen-Der; Liao, Bo-Kai; Tseng, Yung-Che; Huang, Chang-Jen; Hwang, Pung-Pungjournal article3230
162003Nitric oxide promotes infectious bone resorption by enhancing cytokine-stimulated interstitial collagenase synthesis in osteoblastsSZE-KWAN LIN ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article4238
172008Osteoblast-Derived Tgf-Beta 1 Stimulates Il-8 Release through Ap-1 and Nf -Kappa B in Human Cancer CellsFONG, YI-CHIN; MAA, MING-CHEI; TSAI, FUU- JEN; CHEN, WEN-CHI; LIN, JAUNG-GENG; JENG, LONG-BIN; YANG, RONG-SEN; FU, WEN-MEI; TANG, CHIH-HSIN
182008Osteoblast-derived TGF-β1 stimulates IL-8 release through AP-1 and NF-κB in human cancer cellsWEN-MEI FU; RONG-SEN YANGjournal article2927
192007Ppar Gamma Inhibits Osteogenesis Via the down-Regulation of the Expression of Cox-2 and Nos in RatsLIN, TZU-HUNG; YANG, RONG-SEN; TANG, CHIH-HSIN; LIN, CHIH-PENG; FU, WEN-MEI
201995Quantitative analysis of trabecular microstructure by 400 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance imagingHSIAO-WEN CHUNG journal article