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12004Bietti Crystalline Corneoretinal Dystrophy Is Caused by Mutations in the Novel Gene Cyp4v2Li, Anren; Jiao, Xiaodong; Munier, Francis L.; Schorderet, Daniel F.; Yao, Wenliang; Iwata, Fumino; Hayakawa, Mutsuko; Kanai, Atsushi; Chen, Muh Shy; Lewis, Richard Alan; Heckenlively, John; Weleber, Richard G.; Traboulsi, Elias I.; Zhang, Qingjiong; Xiao, XueshanAMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 
21992Factors in Women's Acceptance of Amniocentesis and Their ConcernsHuang, Lian-HuaAmerican Journal of Human Genetics 
32009The G.-762t > C Polymorphism of the Npc1l1 Gene Is Common in Chinese and Contributes to a Higher Promoter Activity and Higher Serum Cholesterol LevelsCHEN, CHUN-WU; HWANG, JUEY-JENJOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 
41992A Novel-32 (C-A) Mutant Identified in Amplified Genomic DNA of a Chineseβ-Thalassemic Patient林凱信; 林國信; Lin, K. H.; Cheng, Ting-Ying; 林亮音; 林凱信; 林國信; Lin, K. H.; Lin, Liang-InAmerican Journal of Human Genetics 
52005Parallel minisequencing followed by multiplex matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry assay for β-thalassemia mutationsLiao, Hsin-Kai; Su, Yi-Ning; Kao, Hung-Yi; Hung, Chia-Cheng; Wang, Hsueh-Ting; Chen, Yu-JuJournal of Human Genetics 1816
62002A Polymorphism in the Beta 1 Adrenergic Receptor Is Associated with Resting Heart RateCHIANG, FU-TIENAMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 
71995Reproductive failure and the major histocompatibility complexJIN, KUN; HO, HONG-NERNG; SPEED, TERENCE, P.; GILL, THOMAS, J. ⅢAMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS