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11997Helicobacter pylori acquisition in fancy after decline of maternal passive immunity.Gold, BD; Khanna, B; Huang, LM; Lee, CY; Banatvala, NPediatr Res 
21996Hepatitis C virus infection in thalassemic children: The clinical and molecular studies.Ni, YH; Chang, MH; Lin, KH; Chen, PJ; Lin, DT; Hsu, HY; Chen, DS.Pediatr Res 
31997Hepatitis G virus infection in normal and prospectively followed posttransfusion children.Chen, HL; Chang, MH; Ni, YH; Hsu, HY; Kao, JH; Chen, PJ.Pediatr Res 
42006Impaired T-lymphocyte proliferation function in biliary atresia patients with chronic cholestatic jaundice after a Kasai operationWu, J.-F.; Chiang, B.-L.; Chen, H.-L.; Lai, H.-S.; Chang, M.-H.; Ni, Y.-HPediatr Res 
52006Neonatal Dubin-Johnson Syndrome : Long-Term Follow-up and MRP2 Mutations Study李志鴻Pediatr Res 
62006Neonatal Dubin-Johnson Syndrome: Long-term follow-up and MRP2 mutations study.Lee, JH; Chen, HL; Chen, HL; Ni, YH; Hsu, HY; Chang, MH.Pediatr Res 
72006Status of cellular rather than humoral immunity is correlated with clinical outcome of enterovirus 71Chang, L.-Y.; Hsiung, C.A.; Lee, CY; Huang, LMPediatr Res