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12016Adverse prognosis and distinct progression patterns after concurrent chemoradiotherapy for glioblastoma with synchronous subventricular zone and corpus callosum invasionLiang, Tony Hsiang-Kuang; WEN-YIH TSENG; Kuo, Sung-Hsin ; Wang, Chun-Wei ; Chen, Wan-Yu ; Hsu, Che-Yu; Lai, Shih-Fan; Tseng, Ham-Min; You, San-Lin; Chen, Chung-Ming ; Tseng, Wen-Yih Isaacjournal article1917
22018Epidermal growth factor receptor mutation predicts favorable outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer patients with brain metastases treated with stereotactic radiosurgeryCHONG-JEN YU ; WEI-YU LIAO ; FU-REN XIAO; YA-FANG CHEN ; JIN-YUAN SHIH journal article98
32015Pathological stage after neoadjuvant chemoradiation and esophagectomy superiorly predicts survival in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinomaWang, Chia-Chun; YIH-LEONG CHANG; JANG-MING LEE ; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; PEI-MING HUANG ; Tsai, Chiao-Ling; Lee, Jang-Ming ; Huang, Pei-Ming ; Lin, Chia-Chi; Hsu, Chih-Hung ; Hsieh, Min-Shu; Chang, Yih-Leong; Hsu, Feng-Ming; 成佳憲 journal article67
42012Programmable segmented volumetric modulated arc therapy for respiratory coordination in pancreatic cancerWu, Jian-Kuen; Wu, Chien-Jang; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; 成佳憲00
52018Response to Stephane Renaud et al.JIN-YUAN SHIH journal article00
62007Set-up errors due to endorectal balloon positioning in intensity modulated radiation therapy for prostate cancerYEONG-SHIAU PU journal article1010
72017The extent of edema and tumor synchronous invasion into the subventricular zone and corpus callosum classify outcomes and radiotherapy strategies of glioblastomasMAO-YUAN SU journal article44
82012Volumetric modulated arc therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma: A dosimetric comparison with TomoTherapy and step-and-shoot IMRTLu, Szu-Huai; YU-HSUAN CHEN ; Lu, Szu-Huai; Sung-Hsin Kuo ; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; WAN-YU CHEN ; Kuo, Sung-Hsin ; Lee, Jason Jeun-Shenn; Lee, Jason Jeun-Shenn; Chen, Liang-Hsin; Chen, Liang-Hsin; Wu, Jian-Kuen; Chen, Yu-Lisuan; Chen, Yu-Lisuan; �²M��; Chen, Wan-Yu ; Chen, Wan-Yu ; Wen, Shu-Yu; Wen, Shu-Yu; Chong, Fok-Ching; Wu, Chien-Jang; Wang, Chun-Wei ; Wang, Chun-Wei ; 陳婉瑜 ; 郭頌鑫 ; 郭頌鑫 ; 成佳憲 ; 成佳憲 ; 陳育瑄 ; 陳育瑄 ; 王駿瑋 ; 王駿瑋 ; 吳簡坤; 吳簡坤journal article5759