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11997Antigenicity of a synthetic peptide from glucosyltransferases of Streptococcus mutans in humansChia, JS; Lin, SW; Yang, CS; Chen, JY.
21992Early activation of splenic macrophages by TNF-alpha is important in determining the outcome of experimental histoplasmosis in miceWu-Hsieh, B.; Lee, G.- S.; Franco, M.; Hofman, F.
31994Expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase by activated macrophages correlates with their antihistoplasma activityLane, T. E.; Otero, G. C.; Wu-Hsieh, B.; Howard, D. H.
41993Gamma interferon cooperates with lipopolysaccharide to activate mouse splenic macrophages to an antihistoplasma stateLane, T. E.; Wu-Hsieh, B. A.; Howard, D. H.
51995Impaired responsiveness to gamma interferon of macrophages infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus clone 13: susceptibility to histoplasmosisVillarete, L.; de Fries. R.; Kolhekar, S.; Howard, D. H.; Ahmed, R.; Wu-Hsieh, B.
61987Inhibition of the intracellular growth of Histoplasma capsulatum by recombinant murine gamma interferonWu-Hsieh, B. A.; Howard, D. H.
71992Intracellular growth inhibition of Histoplasma capsulatum induced in murine macrophages by recombinant gamma interferon is not due to a limitation of the supply of methionine or cysteine to the fungusWu-Hsieh, B. A.; Howard, D. H.
81991Iron limitation and the gamma interferon-mediated antihistoplasma state of murine macrophagesLane, T. E.; Wu-Hsieh, B. A.; Howard, D. H.
91989Macrophage cell lines P388D1 and IC-21 stimulated with gamma interferon fail to inhibit the intracellular growth of Histoplasma capsulatumWu-Hsieh, B.; Howard, D. H.
102004Modulation of swarming and virulence by fatty acids through RsbA protein in Proteus mirabilis.Liaw, SJ; Lai, HC; Wang, WB.
111998Nitric oxide synthase expression in macrophages of Histoplasma-infected mice is associated with splenocyte apoptosis and unresponsivenessWu-Hsieh, B.; Chen, W.; Lee, H.-J.
121991Protein and antigen profiles of prevalent serovars of Leptospira interrogansBrown JA; LeFebvre RB; Pan MJ.journal article
131994Recombinant murine gamma interferon stimulates macrophages of the RAW cell line to inhibit the intracellular growth of Histoplasma capsulatumNakamura, T.; Wu-Hsieh, B. A.; Howard, D. H.
141989Relative susceptibilities of inbred mouse strains C57BL/6 and A/J to infection with Histoplasma capsulatumWu-Hsieh, B
151984T-cell hybridoma-produced lymphokine that activates macrophages to suppress intracellular growth of Histoplasma capsulatumWu-Hsieh, B. A.; Zlotnik, A.; Howard, D. H.
162007Upregulation of CCL20 and recruitment of CCR6+ gastric infiltrating lymphocytes in Helicobacter gastritisWu, YY; Tsai, HF; Lin, WC; Hsu, PI; Wu, MS; Hsu, PN