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11988Acute Resetting of the Baroreflex Control on the Hindquarters Vascular Resistance in DogsLiu, H. C.; Huang, L. W.; 陳幸一; Chen, Hsing I.conference paper
21988The Effect of Aminophylline on Air-Flow-Induced Constriction in the Canine Lung PeripheryWang, D.; 陳幸一; Menkes, H. A.; Wang, D.; Chen, Hsing I.; Menkes, H. A.conference paper
31988The Effects of Exercise and Immobilization on the Systemic Hypotension Following Orthostatic Stress in RatsYeh, J. L.; 陳幸一; Yeh, J. L.; Chen, Hsing I.conference paper
41988Evaluation of the Effects of Dental Analgesics Using Intradental Nerve Recording Technique in on CatLiu, De-Meral; Fu, Earl; 陳幸一; Liu, De-Meral; Fu, Earl; Chen, Hsing I.conference paper
51988The Role of Adrenal Glands, Bronchial Circulation and Pulmonary Innervation in the Hemodynamic Responses to Intracranial HypertensionHuang, L. W.; Wang, Y. C.; Chai, C. Y.; 陳幸一; Wang, Y. C.; Chen, Hsing I.conference paper