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11991The Effects of Age on the Afterload-Induced Adaptive Cardiac Hypertrophy in RatsQu, T. Y.; Huang, B. T.; Hsieh, Kai-Shen; Tung, C. S.; 陳幸一; Qu, T. Y.; Hsieh, Kai-Shen; Chen, Hsing I.第六屆生物醫學聯合會(1991.03) 
21991Evaluation of Left Ventricular Contractile Status Using Thermodynamic PrinciplesHsieh, Kai-Shen; Hu, C. T.; 郭德盛; 陳幸一; Hsieh, Kai-Shen; Hu, C. T.; Kuo, Te-Son; Chen, Hsing I.第六屆生物醫學聯合會(1991.03) 
31991The Hemodynamic Consequences of Bezold-Jarisch ReflexHsi, D. Journal; Chang, K. C.; Hu, C. T.; 陳幸一; Hsi, D. Journal; Chen, Hsing I.第六屆生物醫學聯合會(1991.03) 
41991Mepacrine Attenuates Hypoxia Reoxygenation-Induced Lung Injury in Isolated Perfused Rat LungLiu, L. H.; Chou, C. L.; 陳幸一; Chou, C. L.; Chen, Hsing I.第六屆生物醫學聯合會(1991.03) 
51991The Origins of Sympathetic Postsynaptic Fibers Innervating the Mesenteric Vein in CatsKang, B. H.; Shi, D. J.; 陳幸一; Kang, B. H.; Shi, D. J.; Chen, Hsing I.第六屆生物醫學聯合會(1991.03)